I've made some progress in my paperwork with the DC tax offices. It seems I have finally straightened things out, I no longer have to pay an Unincorporated Business Franchise tax, and now I have the Sales Tax license that I needed in the first place! I am so relieved. I am talking to my new accountant about becoming an LLC but right now the idea of taking on more paperwork and filing more things with the DC tax office is more than I can mentally withstand. I think I'll do that in the new year.

I had a headache all weekend. It was horrible. Just when I thought it would go away it would come back and then turn into a migraine. So I spent most of the time nursing my aching head. We did go for a little bit on Sunday to the National Portrait Gallery. My favorite part is the folk art exhibit. We saw works from Charlie Fields who painted his entire house inside and out with polka dots! Love that!!


Hi Claudine! I absolutely LOVE folk art. I used to work at House of Blues, so I fell in love with it then. I have a very small folk art collection, but would love to have more. Hey, I started a blog! Check it out -

Hope all is well in DC! -Lisa Harper
Seeing the photos of Charlie has forced me to pull out come paint. Thanks for the inspiration. :) Hope DC is great...and your headache goes away.
Wow. I haven't "stopped by" in a while - you have lots going on! You've gotten closer to me (RI) - I used to live in FL too. Enjoy DC. Been wanting to order something for a while...will do soon! :)
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