This morning I walked to the nearest Bank of America to deposit some checks. It's about a mile away, it was a wonderful walk all sunny with a breeze and it felt great. On the way home I stopped by the 14th street post office to mail off a couple orders and then headed back to the apartment. I need to find a new bank for my business banking since there is no Washington Mutual here (weird! they are everywhere else but not in DC!)

I have decided on Sun Trust. 1) It reminds me of home because that's the main bank in Orlando. 2) it is less than 1/2 a block away. I use my business account more often than our home accounts, I'd like it to be nice and close, especially in the winter! brrr! I am already anticipating the winter! akkk!!

Still working on setting up this studio. It is taking an extra long time because I want it to be really really, really organized, so I don't feel claustrophobic. I am trying to find places for all my workshop supplies separate from my supplies I use every day so I don't get things mixed up when I go to teach!

Toby has a vet appointment tomorrow. I want to get him set up with a new vet. I hope I like them because this one is nice and close. I can wheel him there in his stroller!


Oh I am SOOO jealous of people who can walk to their errands. It's such an amazing perk!
Glad you arrived in your new home. I lived in Dupont Circle in the early 90's and it sounds like DC has changed a lot since then. Wishing you the best. Hugs to Toby, Mabel and Stanley.
Wamu is so weird. They don't have any branches in Asheville either. I had to bank by mail for a year. Such a pain.

I remember moving to New York and being told that there was a Bank of America at every street corner. When I finally got there, there were three Bank of America ATMs in movie theaters in the tri-state area. So, I switched. Not long after, they opened several branches when they merged with Fleet. So annoying.

But you can also check and see if any of the local banks have any partnerships with other banks so that you don't have to switch.

P.S. Sometimes I miss the Sun Trust (old school style, Sun Bank) building.
i hope you post pictures of your new studio when you are all settled in!

Hey Claudine, Glad you are finding time to get everything set the way you want and are enjoying your new area. We just returned from DC after a 6 day stay and you are so lucky to be able to live in such a cool place. I have always loved DC. Make sure you check out the Eastern Market on Sundays. I purchased some really cool vintage glass slides from a guy who sells there. Let me know if you need his number or name because I took his card.
Your comment about there being no Washington Mutual branches in D.C. made me giggle. That is ironic. But WaMu started in the *other* Washington--the state. :) (We're the *real* Washington.)
Glad you're getting settled in. It always takes time to "get the feel" of a new living space. I'm sure you're well on your way to feeling at home!
Best wishes with all your settling in :) I look at my "vespa lady" every morning and remind myself to follow the message there ! :)
It really is nice to live somewhere you can walk to banks, shopping, eats and more. Glad to hear you're making a home.

Congrats on the move. I didn't even know that u were planning to. I have been far from absent to say the least. Much love and greatness.

"Old" punkin' pie productions gal
Hope all works out with Toby's new Vet!
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