catch-up post about the move!
Here's my long over due catch up post all about the move!

My Dad helped me pick up the Uhaul last Friday and that was an event! sent us to one of those self storage places that also rents out Uhauls. Never again! They obliviously didn't check it out or service it because as soon as I was driving it, the check engine light came on. We took it to the nearest Uhaul place and they fixed it up. I was panicked that it would break down on our 900 mile drive to DC. Dad was a huge help wit the Uhaul. That was stressful!

Saturday morning Paul, my Mom and I along with Toby, Stanley and Mable set off on our drive up here. It was really hard for me to leave the house and my Dad and also for Paul to leave his family. I did have a cry before I left. But once on the road we were having a good time. Mom and I were in the Honda with the pets, with Paul in the Uhaul in front. The cats meowed at first but then settled down and Toby is used to riding in the car, loved it. Especially all the rest stops with lots of doggie smells!

That night we stopped at a Holiday Inn in Fayetteville NC. The cats were a little spooked but Mable was more adventurous and was soon lounging with us on the bed Stanley didn't want to come out from under the covers so I fed him under there. Toby was fine as long as he was with all of us.

On the Sunday we arrived here in DC in the early afternoon. We quickly got the cats and Toby up to the apartment and unloaded a few items from the Uhaul. We had to park the Uhaul 1/2 a block away so we loaded up the Honda and drove that back to the apartment to get as much back as possible.

The next day Paul went to his new job and the movers arrived to unload the Uhaul. I couldn't keep it in the parking spot in front of the apartment until Paul got home so I had to drive it back to Uhaul to turn it in. I was a little nervous about driving it in the city but it worked out OK. The GPS helped but it sent me around Thomas Circle (I hate going around that circle - even when walking!). I kept missing the turn-off from the circle and then had to circle around again. After about 3 times I made it and the rest of the ride to Uhaul went just fine. I didn't run over or into anybody so it was a successful journey!

Mom stayed and helped until Wednesday and we got so much done! Without her this place would still be a pile of boxes. By Monday night just a few hours after the movers had left, we had the kitchen set up, the living room ready and the bed set up too.

All I have left to do this week is finish organizing the studio and figuring out where all the supplies should go.

I can not believe it was only a week ago that we arrived here in DC. We are almost all set up and slowly getting used to city life. it has been a bigger adjustment than I thought it would be. Especially because I have lived here before!

I love being only 2 blocks away from the Saturday morning Farmers market. And I can walk to the bank, the grocery store and all the wonderful things that DC has to offer. Paul loves being able to walk to work too! I love our little apartment and it feels so cozy here. I don't even really miss all the extra space that I was used to. The second bedroom looks like it will work out just fine as my office/studio. Only a little bit less room than I had before in our house, so I can make it work!

The only thing I don't like is when we have to take Toby out for a walk, we have to go down the hall, down the elevator, and then outside. Toby hates the hallway and the elevator so he has to be carried the whole way until we get him outside. Once outside he gets all distracted by the cars and the people he sits down and wants to have a nice look around. We're lucky if we get him to go 1/2 a block!

So that's the big move story! Of course I didn't take any photos, we were too crazed with stress. But I do want to take some pix of our neighborhood there are so many cute shops and stores around here. I promise to show you some of the places I discover!


WOW. That is one productive week! Great job!
Claudine - that sounds exhausting. It is so nice to have you back "on-line."

Claudine: I'm sure you'll make the apartment a wonderful new home for all your gang!
So glad to be able to help you darling. You worked like a pack horse and I was amazed that by the time I left you already had art hanging on the walls and the apartment was getting a definite "Claudine" look to it. Miss you.

Congrtulations on your move and your new place! I can't wait to see surrounding shops, market, etc.
Thanks for sharing your adventure, I missed you while you were moving. Love you blog and love your artwork. You have soul and honesty, and a great personality. Peggy
What an exciting adventure!
So happy for you, and the Farmer's Market sounds yummy!
Congrats on surviving!!!
Look forward to some pics when you have time:)
I am a somewhat frequent visitor to your blog. Looking at your work, and your products, and your ideas is like a shot in the arm. It gets my creative energy going. I love it. I have had a very similar move - from Colorado to Oregon with a Uhaul and a cat and parents and a husband. Reading your story brought back fond memories. It was 13 years ago. Best wishes for your D.C. chapter. It all sounds very exciting.
Sounds like things are going quite well - can't wait to see pictures!

Moving can be so stressful! Glad you're getting settled!
Good luck in your new environment. I have moved 24 times in my life and can honestly say that I really think it is so good for a person. Moving shakes up your outlook and keeps one out of a rut.
Holy cow, what an adventure! You are SO BRAVE! I sent you all sorts of Good Moving Karma (but oops, forgot about the Good U-Haul Karma!)
So happy you and Paul and the pets are already settled in your new nest.

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