back online!
Just a quick note to let you know we are here in DC, and we have internet! I'm working hard on getting this place together, everything unpacked and my studio set up. whew! I'll be back later with more posts :) Oh and Project Runway is on tonight. I made sure to get the cable installed right after we moved in so I wouldn't miss an episode!


Hey, Claudine,

Welcome to the area! Glad you got cable - I can't wait for Project Runway either. Be sure to get some rest in between unpacking and setting up. Yes, window shopping helps.
best wishes to you as you set up your new home :)
Yeah, you made it. I am so glad you are closer now.
Glad you made it! How are you liking the new area?
Glad you made it safely to your new home. Take time to breathe and get settled.
YAY, Claudine you made it! It's been quite without your posts!
Yay! And congratulations to you both. Can't wait to catch up.
Yeah! I missed your cheerful blogs. Good to have you back. Do tell us all about living in DC.
Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic, Claudine. Don't exhaust yourself.
It was a crazy, wonderful adventure. Paul drove the U-haul, Claudine drove the car with the two cats, the dog and me (her mum)...She is an amazing woman. within four days of loading the truck in Orlando, we had driven to DC, unloaded the truck, sorted through boxes, organized everything and setup the studio - even hung art on the walls. Hated leaving you darling to come back to work.....Mummy
so glad you had a safe trip and you are now getting settled in. i've missed your blog posts, but enjoyed keeping up with you on twitter! keep hanging in there!
Welcome to the area!
Hello Claudine,

So glad to hear you made it to DC safely. How did the cats do on the trip and how are they adapting to the new surroundings?

Wasn't Project Runway interesting with the Olympic theme!

All the best to you and your family and animals in DC!

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