easy background technique with adriondack inks
Here's a quick video I filmed using Ranger products showing my peeled paper background from my first book. For this tutorial I substituted Adirondack Inks for acrylic paint.

It was my first time using the MacBook and iMovie but I think it worked out pretty good! Enjoy!

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The video is pretty good! The technique is easy and the background look GREAT, I’ll try to used in some of my next projects. Thanks for this video :)!
that would be really cool to do on a journal cover too, love it!!! thanks!!
That was GREAT!
How fun! Thanks for sharing Claudine. :)

Fabulous! Loved it!

Great video tute! i would never have thought to glue down paper and then rip it up! Love it!
That is very cool. I need to get some gel medium very soon!
Congrats on the new CHA summer release. I can hardly wait to see what you'll be doing for Ranger!
Robin -- from Phx
Awesome Claudine!!! YAY!!! I LOVE iMovie!!! :)
Good job - I have tried the masking tape background with acrylics and it comes out great.
I'm off to Michaels for some Adirondack Inks to try this one.
Barbara L.
Great video, Claudine. Especially since it is the first one you produced yourself! Those colors are the colors of low tide here at Ponce Inlet. You might need to come over for some liquid inspiration if you know what I mean!
Always wonderful to watch someone actually do a technique instead of having to figure out if I've done it right from still pix. Love the way this turned out and will now feel brave enough to try my own. Thanks!
Thank you so much for the video. It was very inspiring!
Loved the video. Please do more. Very Inspiring
terrific !!

thanks for the tutorial :)
I loved watching you do it in person...though I've read how in your book many times. I really like the inks. That mini spritzer is a super genius idea too!
Nice job editing your own. I just got a macbook pro...I want to try making some little movies too!
Thanks Claudine
that was very well done. I wanted to see more....
I hope you will do more videos and instruction.

Sharon F.
Awesome video Claudine. You'll fall in love with macs. See you soon at Ranger!
Fabulous technique, and it looks great! Great music at the end of the video too!! :)
this is absolutely fabulous!! thank you so much for teaching us this fun technique! :)
thanks, claudine, for the did a great job and i really enjoyed it. i hope that you consider doing more in the future! :)

super duper job, Miss Claudine!

inky hugs, Robin
Having loved your books and techniques for several years, I always love a new look at another product....especially one I already have tons of! Great Job!
Linda Cain
very inspiring, especially as I am unable to get to classes, this is great, keep them coming. !!!
Great idea. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing
You look so stiff. TEEHEE :)
Stiff? really? now I'm all self conscious. I'll try to me more relaxed in the next one ;)
The video was very clear and easy to understand.

I am unfamiliar with the gel medium. Is itlike paste?
Thanks for the video. I immediately tried it out and used it to create a background for a postcard, now posted on my blog.
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