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I was totally wiped out this weekend. All my plans of getting caught up on work that I missed while I was away last week went out the window! I didn't realize how tired I was until I got home. Then I totally crashed out. Yesterday I had a mega all day migraine-a-thon, took until this morning to go away. I didn't have a migraine all last week so I guess I was making up for lost time.

I have big plans for Monday -- we'll see how far I get with work. I just keep reminding myself one step at a time. It will all get done!!

My coach did recommend these new meditation downloads. I normally am a terrible mediator getting distracted or sometimes if the tape is guided and too "Stuart Smalley" it can send me into fits of giggles. But these ones are really good. The woman's voice is super relaxing and they seem to be working, I have been able to totally zone out while listening. Here's the link if you want to check it out. I have the free download and then also this one. But want to try others too! They have helped me relax! If I could just figure out how to get my ipod to stop at the end and not start playing something else, that would be perfect! Last night I drifted off but then was rudely awakened to Ira Glass from a This American Life episode that I downloaded! Oops!


Hi Claudine, I use my ipod also to sleep etc. 1 make a playlist titled sleep or whatever. Then add what you want to it from your library. It will shut down when the everything in that play list is done. I listen to podcasts and they also shut down when done. I hope this helps.
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