to twitter or not to twitter
Twitter seems to be everywhere lately. My buddies Jennifer Perkins, Margot Potter and Kathy Cano-Murillo AKA The Crafty Chica are Twittering ..... and my husband Paul seems to think it would be a great addition to my blog/site. We spent over an hour yesterday talking about it!

I am of two (well maybe three) minds. One hand it seems fun. The other, do I really need another thing to update? On the third hand, what do I Twitter about? Do people really want to read that I am stuck in line at Michael's Craft Store, or that I am craving Einstein's potato bagel (lightly toasted) with hummus?

Do you Twitter? Let me know if you like it and what you like about it!


I see that you caved and joined twitter. It really is fun and easy. You will soon be addicted I promise.
you got me! I joined so I can be a lurker and see what all the fuss is about! I did add my cell phone so I have a feeling soon I might be addicted. I still don't quite get it but it looks fun!
Swear to God, Claudine, I had the same questions as you. I tried it, expecting to give it up real quick, and now I LOVE it. You can find all kinds of cool people and news outlets, etc. And learn new things about people you thought you knew already. It's also a great networking tool to reach out to new people. Yah, I'm sucked in. Thanks Jennifer and Margot for doing this to me! anyhoo, glad to see your smiling face there! ;-)
oo, careful with the cell phone. once i replied to someone, thinking it was IM, and it went on the twitter board! so i turned it off on my iphone, otherwise i would worry all the time...but i can still update from my phone. i bet it has not happened to anyone else, i 'm just clumsy like that!

oops! good tip! I plan on using cell phone to send updates only for my twitter. we'll see. i am still not good at texting. I will probably end up getting an iphone because of Twitter and then Twitter will cost me!!
I joined, but don't use it much.
I opened an account and twittered for just about a day, but I decided I didn't need something else to update and wasn't comfortable sharing those little bitty things online. I live in the dark ages ... I don't have internet on my cell phone. Maybe that would make it easier?

I have never heard of twitter. Now I am going to have to see what all of the fuss is about. I am sure it will be another thing I will have to join.
I had the same questions - and I am still on the fence- BUT - now that I can lurk and see if I think it will work for it I might try it !

I am loving it. It's another great viral marketing outlet and it is sorta fun to know what your fellow crafty galz are up to every day.

Get an iPhone no matter what! Mine is my third child, I even comfort it if I ignore it for too long ;-)
I like it, though I wish more of my friends were on it.
Hey Claudine,
I love Twitter (ok, just doing it for a week so far, but still... LOVE!).

I like that I can update my blog without having a set topic to talk about. Plus it helps that I can do it from my mobile phone!
I Twitter! Jennifer talked me in to it. It's oddly addicting. See you there! xo, Vickie
Good to know that you've finally joined Twitter. Love knowing crafty/arty folks joining in.

I'm at

Where are you?

Although I'm in to tech stuff as well, I didn't see the point of Twitter before. Now, I find a lot of use for it. I wrote an article on it on my blog. Anyway, yes, it's definitely a great additional tool.

All the best to you!
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