more studio photos!
Took some more photos from my studio today, maybe this will become a regular thing!


This is where I keep my paper towels. I used wire to hold the paper towels to the card table. it is very handy. Every time I think of getting a "real" table (like this one) I think of how I love my paper towel holder. I also hold my gift wrapping tissue that I wrap my orders in the same way to the right. Plus I have had these card tables since 1993, they have some arty miles on them.

These are little mini canvases are 2"x2" aren't they CUTE!!! They came from MacPherson's (manufacturer) but you'll find them in your store under the name Art Alternatives.

Is that a giant cat or just a mini canvas? It's Stanley by one of these little 2x2 canvases I just got. And they even come with mini easels! even cuter! Love how I got Stanley sticking his tongue out!


I am playing around with trying to make a 3-d paper car and other paper elements this is my first attempt out of notebook paper and lots and lots of tape. I am not good at anything that requires exactness, but there in lies its charm (or at least that's what I tell myself).


My suitcase! Overflowing as you can see! Almost all packed for my trip on Thursday to teach at Donna Downey's Inspired event!


woo hoo Claudine! can't wait to see you again!
I can't get enough towel holders around my house. :) I like the wire idea.

Oh...and the mini canvases are so adorable. :D
oh...i need to attach my papertowel to my easel!
love all the looks into your
Go, Stanley! Monster vulture, lording it over the canvases! This is such a wonderful photo!

Love the canvases -- I'm making a visit to McPherson's -- I can have a lot of fun with those!
darn, claudine, what did you have to go and show us that cool worktable for? it's way nicer than my folding plastic table from costco! bet you could make something similar with a couple white bookshelves and a door or prefab table surface. (but then it wouldn't have those cute wicker baskets that fit perfectly and look so tidy.)

love the stanley photo! what makes cats sit with their tongues out anyway? mine do that too, so funny.
That card table has some major mojo! I would never get rid of it for a "real" table. :)
I have been lazy about leaving comments here but I have kept on eye on your career for awhile now. You can pick up a blog award from my blog if you are interested/have time. Keep up the good work! :)
Hi Claudine!
I love seeing pictures of your studio and what you are working on.
Stanley is the cutest kitty ever! I love the picture with his little pink tongue sticking out.
:) Melissa
I love seeing other studios! Thanks for posting! love the paper towel holder too!

Stanley is just so darn grown up now!! He is so handsome -- I remember when you brought him home. Have a great trip. I visit your blog daily -- love your art.
Annie from NY
Those 2"x2" canvesses are awesome! Thanks for pointing out yet another needed art supply =)
You might want to check out Mo Willems recent 3-D paper sculptures.

How fun are they!?
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