i'm here!
I'm here in NJ! Had a busy day with an early flight, then got to the Ranger offices. Already met with the chemist about the products and looking forward to meeting and discussing and product testing more tomorrow. That's all I can tell you and it's killing me!!! I wish I should show you sneak peeks but I can't because I would be in big, big, big trouble --- soon July will be here and all will be revealed!

I learned something new today! Thank you Robin for showing me how to erase letters when I text message on my phone! I couldn't figure out how to do it so I would push all the excess letters to the end of my message so my texts would look like this:

hi how are you I am going to the store, need any milk asgifdrsaj

So now I can enter the 21st century and erase unwanted text letters!! I feel so modern! It still takes me 20 minutes to type out even the smallest sentence but I am learning!


you should try the shorthand version and type in "how r u". Much easier. (I can't remember the shorthand at all, but some of them are easy)
ok I am seriously cracking up about your recent text revelation..... because I recently figured out the same thing via my 17 year old... she was complaining about why I had al these words in my texts that were smooshed together... tee hee. I feel like a whole new world of texting has opened up.. have fun at Ranger. tena
Get the iPhone, silly. It has a keyboard so you text superfast. Can't wait for your Ranger stuff.
Claudine, I'm excited to hear you are developing "a new product." How mysterious and exciting. Will miss you at Art & Soul Hampton this year, but one can only take on so much and you've certainly got your plate full. I learned so much from your color class. It still is one of the best investments in classes I ever made. Hug!
Hey, ran across you in a creative book we are going through, Living the Creative Life I think it is. You are everywhere! :-)
Okay ~ I'm right there with you girl!! Now...I STILL don't know how to get rid of those letters, but you've inpsired me to ask and learn! Mine are not only right at the end...but in any given word as well:( I too, am ridiculously SLOW with the text messaging...I have hard enough time typing ...let alone doing it on the phone - yikes! Can't wait to hear what you are up to! I just LOVE your art!!
Love your custom order art work,Claudine. Elaine Cooke
Where have EYE been?! I didn't know you were opening a line of product with Ranger! I've been listening to your interview on craftsanity from *2006** for three days, now. Yes, some of it more than once, but still. it's LONG. And I've been seeing you on TV and looking at your work in Art Books, and you just CRACK ME UP, and now, you're with ranger.


I'll go open a new charge card just for Claudine Hellmuth products right now!

Have a safe and productive trip.
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