hello from the ranger offices!
Here's Michelle and I at the Ranger offices in front of her super fancy Mac computer. My husband Paul would be jealous if he saw how fab her computer is.

Michelle has been doing all the design for my new product line Ranger and we had tons of fun reviewing logos, colors and branding. She is a gal who really knows her design stuff!!

I also worked on my CHA Summer Show class with Robin and I think it's going to be a great class. A lot to get done in two hours but it'll be worth the push!

I'm excited to have lunch with Suze tomorrow, and then the chemist will be back in the office from his day off so we'll back at product testing! Sorry to be such a tease, I wish I could share more!! It is taking all my restraint not to.

Friday we'll do a little more work and then Friday night I'll be heading home. I can't believe how fast this week is going!


Dying to know!
Let that poor cat out of the bag, LOL!
Oh, tell us please.
Are you going to be at Winter CHA?
Very exciting, Claudine! and from the photo it looks like much fun!!
Oh, sooo cool!!! I love that you are posting about the process, you are glowing! Savor the moments!!
When are you going to spill the beans about this new product of yours???
Whatever it is, it sounds like it has been a great experience and a fun and hands-on process for you. Congrats!
Sweet! Can't wait to hear more!
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