giveaway time!
I received three copies of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine this month because I had a short little article in this issue.
Well I don't need three! So I am giving away two! This is a great issue, the free motion doodling is to die for and makes me want to run out and buy a sewing machine.

Here's how to play: just comment to this post and I'll draw two winners on Monday. Make sure to leave your email or blog URL so I can contact you if you win!

If you like contests, check out Robin's blog, she's having a contest and you can win an entire set of Adirondack stamp pads! wow!


you rock! I look forward to reading your blog, always something new to learn. I really hope you get the headache thing under control, we feel bad for you! I know you hate to travel, but when are you coming out to ca to teach? I can't wait to take a class from you along with seeing your new Ranger products!!!! you are a crafty goddess!!
Hey lady as I was gathering art for my blog post about 36 pieces of art I could not live without I saw your smiling face on a blog called 100 best artists on etsy. Nice work.

P.S. I need to get a custom little doll from you of my new puppy to add to the fam you made for me on Craft Lab. I'll email you about rates :)
I love your art and blog, I also have 2 books of yours and the pages have worn thin from refering to them.
I love your stuff and I have your books. I want to buy your videos but they are a bit pricey for me (really for my husband!). I'm sorry you have so many headaches--must be awful.
I'd love a mag!
Love your stuff, I'd like a chance to win! THanks!
Thanks for having such talent and the willingness to share it. I'm looking forward to taking your workshop in Sedona! I've already started gathering things together!
That magazine looks fabulous and the fabric collage looks just like something I am itching to try.
Again, thanks for the inspiration!
Love your blog and of course, your fabulous art! The free motion doodling sounds interesting...would love to win one of the magazies...thanks for sharing!
Greetings from Finland.

I too read your blog :)
i love love love this magazine!!! Would love a copy! :)
hey Claudine, when are you coming to France to teach?!!! :D we need you here! :D
Congratulations! I love CPS- it is one of my favorite magazines! I would love to win a copy! I listen to you on ZNE radio broadcast the other night- you are so inspirational!
how exciting! i don't think i've ever seen a copy of this magazine, but would love to!!
I actually looked for a copy yesterday (not out yet at B & N) because you mentioned that you were in it. I love CP&S-
Count me in!:)
Chrissie Grace
I actually went looking for this yesterday at Borders and they didn't have a single copy. Count me in, please!
I love CPS, so sign me up for the drawing!!!
congrats on the magazine posting and sure, I'd love a copy!
OMG, I would love one of these magazines! Thanks for the chance to win some inspiration!

Jenn B
Twitter sounds fun, I like it on your sidebar.
Would love a copy of CPS, that doodling sounds fun and with an article that you did, that makes it a must have!
sign me up, I'd love a copy!
I'd love to win so that I could read your article! I've also been wanting to try free-motion with my sewing machine but haven't worked up the guts yet- maybe this would help!
Saw you on Martha Stewart and loved you! I'd love to win a copy of the magazine, too!
Claudine, I love your artwork, it is so much fun. I really enjoy the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine also, as well as Somerset Studio. Oh how I hope I will win.
You're awesome. I will miss you at Art and Soul this year. I was looking forward to taking a class with you. Keep up the great work!
I've been looking all over for a copy. Hope I win.
how wonderful....please count me in
LOVE your blog, LOVE your artwork, LOVE this magazine. So pick me!!! (can't wait to get my hands on a copy and read your article, no matter how I can't my hands on it!)
oh! be still my art/craft-related-magazine-loving-heart!


averagejanecrafter at gmail dot com
Well done on the publication Claudine. I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Ranger have been getting up to.....
Cheers, Sue (in Oz)
Hello Claudine, what a great giveaway!
Oooooooo! I want one! LOVED the peek into your studio, by the way. And thanks for the heads-up about Twitter!
I really enjoy reading your blog. Since I'm new to papercrafting...I love the inspiration!

Rochester, NY
Don't you love CPS? I love their mix of projects and articles on creativity. I can't wait to read it!
Hi Claudine,

You've been a very busy bee lately. I gave a nod to you for inspiration on my blog banner. I used the Never Dull (I think?) on a leopard print coat from a magazine for the dress. Was lots of fun to experiment with suggestions from your book.
love your work!!i always come over and have a peek! please enter my name in the giveaway!
You are quite the media darling these days. Good for you, you deserve it.
Love Cloth Paper Scissors....
would Love to Win!
I always want to expand my crafting repertoire into more "cloth" when I see this mag, (as if I have room for one more thing)...but doesn't keep me from enjoying it anyway! Would love a copy.
Oh Wow! How fun!
I would love to have a copy. I really love your work. It always makes me smile. :)
I almost bought the magazine yesterday~ maybe I will win it?!

Really enjoyed listening to you on the ZNE radio, love your giggle~

Also..saw your kool little poppets in our local stamp store yesterday, I find it amazing how many times I hear your name in a week! You're a household name!! ;)

xo ~Bella
p.s. I twitter too!
Pick me! I just got a sewing machine(that I *had* to have) and now it just sits there! Help! I need some inspiration!!! :-)
Congrats on being in the magazine. It's a great one. I hope I win one of the copies you are giving away. Thanks.
click! click! that's me clicking my heels together for luck! i don't have a copy yet so it would be extra delightful to win one. thanks, claudine!
Claudine, I so enjoy your blog, your art, your soul of creativity. Thanks for sharing -- and I also enjoy your new twitter feature ...

I read your blog all the generous of you to do a giveaway...would love, love, love to have this magazine! Janet
Love your work and that looks like a super cool mag.
Hi Claudine, thanks for the chance to get a cool mag FREE. Think I've told you this before but I check out your blog almost everyday. Add me to the long list of people you inspire. Because of you I put wax on lots of stuff. :>)
OMG I'm so excited about this new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I was just playing with free motion doodling the other day.

My friend has a little "artist crush" on you and has turned me on to your style and your blog. I love all of your ideas!
I love your blog and your art work and would love to win the magazine...I don't subscribe but pick it up when I see's always so interesting and inspiring.thanks so much.
sherry trojanowski
steger, Il
Oooh! This looks nice. I live in Norway so I cant buy the magazine overhere. Pick me, Pick ME!!!!!

Congratulations!!! I would love to win a copy!! Thanks for the contest!
chris p
woo hoo!!! Love a good giveaway. Pick me :)
What an inspiration you are to me!
I visit your blog...EVERY day, sometimes even 3 or 4 times.

Hi Claudine,

Please count me in, I Love that magazine, but my subscription ran out ~ must put on to do list ~
now on to Robin's blog to check out her giveaway, thanks for the heads up.
Oh, I love that magazine and I love your stuff. I lurk all the time, but never tell you.
Would love to see your article!
oh how I would love to win!!! I'm on blogger too, but my e-mail is

Will you sign it if I win! That would make it like extra hot fudge on a sundae!
I have been a fan for several years. I always know your work when it turns up, even before I see your name.
thanks for all the comments!!! can't wait to pick the winners Monday!
Thanks for the chance to win ... looks very fun.
Pick me! Pick me!

PS: I really admire your work. :)
Hey little Miss Claudine.
You are just swell and
I really miss you alot.
I last received this magazine in the hospital when I gave birth to my now 6 year old daughter! Love the magazine, and still have it, very inspiring!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to win the mag! I always enjoy your blog post, artistic inspiration and your fun personality! Can't wait for the reveal of your "new products"!! :)

Susan Chong
I hope even a number 65 has a chance to win. :)

www dot siennasmommy dot blogspot dot com
I want to be in your drawing! Thanks for sharing your extra copies! : )
You have a great blog and your art is so fantastic! Keep up the good work!
Your artwork is amazing!!! I love this magazine!

oh yes! winners will be picked at random with a random number generator! So no matter what post you are ou have a chance.

AND I have more giveaway's up my sleeve so not to worry! More prizes coming soon!
Hi Claudine!
I hope your accupuncture treatment goes well, and you are free from M. headaches once and for all!

I want to rub my cheek on Mabels' inviting tum-tum... SO CUTE!

When you said you were meeting with CHEMISTS about your new Ranger product, my mind went crazy trying to guess what you are up to... when is the big unveiling?

I would love to win a copy of Cloth, Paper, Scissors! Thanks for the chance!
Erin : )
Ohhh! I totally need this magazine. Pick ME! my blog addy is
ew ew me me me (I have my hand raised). :) Have a great weekend!
This looks awesome! I've been stalking your blog for a while...and this giveaway was all that I needed. We don't get this magazine here in northern Maine, so it would be great to read it...and see your work! Thanks!

Katee L.
What a generous giveaway! I just started blogging and would love to be included! Thank you!
oh wow I was just this morning thinking I'd love to purchase the Cloth paper scissors mag, so winning one would be a bonus!! What a great giveaway :)
i'd love to be entered!! :-)

acupuncture helped me with my migraines. i hope it's helpful for you!
Claudine -
I really enjoy your blog, and reading about your latest projects and adventures, as well as your pets! Love this magazine, too. Will be hoping the acupuncture is a great help to you...
I have seen you several times on many shows and have followed your blog for awhile now. I love your work. I am a crafter myself. Just dabble in a little bit of this and that.
Cloth Paper Scissors was first introduced to me by my great aunt. What a great magazine.
Keep up all your good work.
Love the picks of the cats!
oh i think the free motion doodling sounds really cool. maybe i could use that on my new poppet dress.
Love your work and your blog and would love to win the magazine. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the chance to win! LOVING my Claudine Hellmuth from your Etsy store. Thanks for your generosity.
Love your blog, Claudine, and your work, and your kitty pictures, and your travels, and and and...
congrats on the publication!!
happy sunday.
Thanks for a chance to win the magazine! Your blog is great...lots of fun!
Please add my name to the giveaway!


Well, too late for the drawing but I have it anyway, and really enjoyed your page with your studio! It's articles like that and the Studios issue AND blog postings that are getting me in a get-my-space together mode. It's working -- just need to add the table! I was frustrated because there was so much clutter, till I went back through the issue and noticed lots of people have clutter (if you do collage, how can you not?)and felt much relieved!
Claudine your art is absolutely awesome, thank you so much for sharing it on your blog so all can enjoy. Your information on copyrights is something that all should be aware of.

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