cloth paper scissors magazine
I picked up the new May/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine and they have a short little article with a visit to my studio!
(click image to enlarge)
Of course I am super proud that Toby is in the photo tongue out and looking cute. I remember I had to wake him up to take this picture so he wasn't very happy!

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The article looks great, Claudine! You are so beautiful, and seem sweet and loving--everything good and a talented Artist too!
Congratulations! That has to be so exciting! :)
that is super cool.
hope your trip is going well.
Oh, oh, oh! I LOVE that magazine. I'll run by B&N at lunch to see if it's on the stands here, yet! How fun to get to peek into your studio. (Which I can tell you just from a glance at the photos is FAR more organized than mine. I'm always having to climb over a dune of something just to get in there. Today, it's enormous bags full of plastic grocery bags, waiting to be fused.)
Aww! Pretty soon Toby will be as well-know as you. :)

Your a lovely talented, beautiful lady with the cutest toby ever. God Bless you. Elaine Cooke
OK, it's just not photogenic and so talented, too! Ha, I take comfort in the fact that you're deserving! Congrats again on another WOW achievement, girlfriend!
Hi Claudine!
Toby is adorable! What kind of dog is he?
:) Melissa
so loved seeing you in there, Clausdine!....did you see me in the Studio issue, in the crazy mess I tried to make a little presentable? and now cleaning out my studio bins (blog giveaway!!!).....need anything?
ack, and that would be "Claudine" S in there. sorry...
thanks everyone for your super sweet comments!! toby is so cute I can hardly stand it even if he grumpy!

Melissa ---

Toby is a pekingese, we got him from Pekingese Rescue. we love him so much!!!
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