all packed!
Thanks to Mabel "helping" me pack, I am all ready to to head off tomorrow to teach at Donna Downey's Inspired event!


The laundry is done, the supplies are doubled checked, then triple checked, the email box is empty, 1st QT taxes are done, my ipod has new episodes of This American Life on it. I think I am ready!!

See you from North Carolina!!!


I enjoyed reading the interview on Indie Fixx...and of course all the great art to look at...have a wonderful trip.
Look forward to meeting you at the event ... safe travels!!
Awww...Mabel wants to go too!!! My dogs have always known that Mommy is going away when the suitcase comes out...they hate it!

I loved your articles, I really relate to a lot of what you were saying, especially about worrying about still making art in 10 years..especially since I am an emerging artist! I don't want everyday life to get in the way of my dreams either!! My teachers would always say "only one of you in this class is a real artist" and such!
Hi, Claudine!
I love cats. I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day.
Oh, I wish that I could come and take some classes. Be sure to post some pictures so I can live vicariously through you! :)
Claudine have a wonderful time. I'm sick everytime someone mentions Inspired. I was to be a TA this weekend and my mother is too ill for me to commit to the time to go. I would have loved to have seen you again (CHA). Please, if you meet a Kathy Adams...Please give her a BIG hello.
Great pic, have a nice trip Claudine:)
Hi Claudine,
Looks like kitty wants to go along for the trip.

I love your suitcase! - I am sure you have no trouble spotting it on the luggage carousel.

Have fun teaching in NC - what a great event!

Enjoy listening to Ira.

Thanks for your sweet comment.

I can relate to the photo so well. We have six cats and when the luggage comes out for a trip, they all want to be on or in it. I don't know what your experience has been with getting ready to leave on a trip, but we've found that the cats become very quite, almost melancholic, one could even say "depressed" as soon as we bring the suitcases into the bedroom for packing.

Hope you had/have a great trip. You left on my birthday, by the way.

this photo of your cat is hilarious. bet she is glad you are home!

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