we're going to the beach!
It's family vacation time! I can't believe it but I have not been on a 100% non business trip since our honeymoon in 2001. I have taken parts of business trips and added a little vacation time but not a whole entire trip dedicated only to vacation. wow! That's 7 years! Paul put his foot down and and said it's time for me to take some time off. So here I go!

We're headed to the Florida Keys along with Paul's 3 brothers + their wives and children. For a total of 8 adults (including us) and 5 children!

I am almost just about all better, so I should be in good shape. I bought Keri Smith's Tear up This Book so I can do crafts with the kids at night. I am looking forward to that!

The house is clean. My ipod is loaded up with This American Life episodes to listen to on the 7 hour drive down there. Toby is ready to go to Mom and Dad's and the cat sitter is all set to come here. I think we are ready! I'll be bringing my laptop and hope to have time to blog from the road, but I did promise to keep any work/email stuff to a minimum. It's family time!


You deserve a Time Off ~ Enjoy all the family & R E L A X......
Just use your sunscreen!
Have a nice trip Claudine and soak up some sun for me:)
LOVE the cherry flip flops! Have a blast.
Have fun!!!
Enjoy Claudine!!! It's sooo easy to get busy with work and let "real" vacations take a back seat so it's good that you're enjoying family time!! Have Fun!!
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