weekend here we come!
Here's a custom artwork that I just finished up of this cute gal and her three sweet yorkies! They like to ride in her car all around San Francisco! I wonder if they have car seats like Toby does?

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already! I'll be heading down to Tampa for the day to visit the Ott Lite offices. I'm looking forward to it! Did I tell you how much I heart my Ott Lite? Well I do!!

So today of course was getting the car oil changed, then grocery shopping, running errands, then working on stuff. It's raining like crazy out right now and I hope it dries up for tomorrow or it will be a very long drive!


that's so cute!! especially the scarf!
This is so cute. I bet she loves it. I tried an Ott Lite but couldn't make it work at my easel and finally got overhead full spectrum fluorescents instead.
Love this illo! so adorable!
I heart my Ott Lite, too!
Have a safe trip.
Oh Claudine, that's one of my new favorites!
i love all those doggies in the car...adorable! and how jealous am i that you get to go to the ott lite offices? very! :)
Hi Claudine,

I was at the beauty shop with my aunt today & while I was waiting for her, I saw a paper magazine called " STRUT for Women " Wow, The moment I saw the cover I knew it was Your ART Work..... Very Nice ~ Great to run into Creative Art even at the Beauty Shop...
I have it posted on My Blog... Exciting to recognize an Artist Work, without first seeing the name.
Hi Claudine...

I am adding you to my daily visits list...hope you don't mind..

This is a really nice piece! You do such great work for all your customers!
Oh gosh, I love this! The details like the birdie above and stitch-y flowers are wonderful!
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