springing forward!
Here's a little picture from our front garden for all of you that are up north and under a foot or more of snow!


Think warm thoughts!


I am so jealous! I am up in Central PA, no snow here but we have had 3+ inches of rain in the past 10 days. I want spring to hurry up and get here!
Are you kidding...all that colour?
I have not one inch of green anywhere!!!
that's just NOT fair!
i'm just happy that my willow tree is starting to bud again.
Jealous much?
Why, yes I am!
That is so gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing your green with us!
...I'm near was 6 degrees the other day. Today i think we're warming up into the 20's!! We're all very excited here!! Love your blog.
Thanks so much Claudine!
Here in Quebec, we had our 9th snowtorms this weekend. I never saw as much snow as this winter (we received near 4 meters of snow!!). Imagine! I'm not sure if we ever see flowers again...
you guys must all be so cold! drink some hot chocolate and snuggle down under a nice blanket!!
this is a lovely photo! i luv those flowers blossoming up.. how i wish it is spring at holland when i visit this weekend..
We are getting some of the same beauty as the trees are starting to bud and flowers coming up. Enjoy the moment.
Wow - that is a far stretch from the photo I posted on my blog today. Spring doesn't come that quickly in Norway :)'re killin' me.......what does it feel like to be warm?...I think I've forgotten
I am so jealous! We've had the worst winter here in SD and I am SO READY for some much needed sunshine. That is simply BEAUTIFUL!
WOW Claudine..this is exactly what I needed to see..what a lovely view...I am constantly blinded with the sun's refelction on the snow right this makes me long for spring to arrive...

I'm hosting a party on my blog with a chance to win a free give away (like you need a mixed media collage ....hope you have a chance to pop by...

Claudine, I drove over to Orlando and Winter Park last week, and always love the riot of color this time of the year. Of course we have it here in Tampa too, but I have a soft spot for the place I lived for 15 years!
It's so beautiful right now.
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