sleepy sunday
I am so crazy sleepy today. I can barely keep my eyelids open. This weekend both Paul and I thought we were getting sick (me again! oh no! not AGAIN) We laid low, lots of rest. Airborne and more rest. I am feeling better today other than the exhaustion.


I have to get cracking on a whole pile of work tomorrow so I am going to get an early night after we watch John Adams on HBO. nighty night!


Oh my gracious. That photo is both sweet and hilarious. Love the tongue :)

~ Jodi
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omg look at that little baby. what kind of dog is that?? wayyyy too adorable!!

thank you!! that's our little doggie toby! he's a pekingese and we got him from pekinese rescue!

we love him!!
What a cutie, my dog sleeps with her tongue out too :)
this is loldog material :D
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