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Tonight is the big finale and I can hardly stand the suspense! Who will it be!!! I am off to Lynn and John's for our final Project Runway party. All my work is done for today, I have a bottle of wine and a batch of peanut butter cookies so I am ready to go! See you tomorrow!

I am really excited that Christian won! At first I really wanted Rami to win, but after seeing all the collections live on the show, I really think Christian deserved it. And I was glad to see him act a little more "real" and less diva there towards the end, made me really root for him in the final moments of the show! yay!!

Now it's so sad, no more project runway for a long time. I'll have to watch Top Chef, I like that one too but Project Runway is my favorite!!

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Well- I am not sure what to think... as it seems less of a surprise that Christian won- (Oh!-He went to high school near where I live here- about 5 miles away- local talent~)

I actually really liked all the knit-wear things which Jillian created.

Most of all, I really wanted to see Chris's full line- as I loved his flair for drama and his oh-so charming sense of humor...

Waiting to read what think. Haa!
so? what did you think?

I personally loved how non-fierce Christian got as Bryant Park approached. That quivering chin, it was nice to see him with is attitude checked for once!
I am so glad Christian won! He cute. My husband thought his second to last dress looked like a "fierce soft serve ice cream cone!" He looked so tiny next to his model in those tall heels he made her wear. After seeing Jillian's collection a little closer, I was sort of sad she didn't win. Some of the details you couldn't see online were SO nice! Plus, her personality seems to grow on you!
I am glad he won too- he has so much talant for 21!! He will go far!
I love that show too and ironically, had the finale saved on my tivo to watch tonight after I did a little catch up with my email. I'm not surprised he won though...he's amazingly talented! I'm sad it's over!
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