sleepy tuesday
I am all worn out after today. I worked on custom artwork orders, book #3, sent and answered tons of email, booked my hotel for my Michigan workshop, drove to the PO Box to check for mail, had a long phone chat with Carmi and now I am tired!


I am going to get all cozy and then watch Madame Tutli-Putli on Netflix! I can hardly wait, this little stop motion movie looks wonderful! Here's a photo of Stan asleep in front of the monitor. He loves to sleep on the desk ..... shhhhh..... he's snoring right now!

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I love Stanley.
Happy Tuesday to you and Mr. Sleepy kitty...

It was truly lovely seeing you at CHA.

I am always giddy when I see you~ although, sometimes do not know what to say!

Thank you for taking the lead and making it so pleasant*++*+*+**

J a n e
I'm pretty sure that cats exist to remind us that naps are good and taking time to wallow in the sunshine is essential to our well-being! I'm off to take a nap now, thanks, Stanley!
ooo, that movie looks great! let us know how you like it :) i'm with you on the business of it all, i'm 2 days away from my first deadline for book#2, yikes! kiss that cute kittie for me :) xox
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