i'm not ready but here i come!
Tomorrow morning at about 4:30am I'll be leaving the house to head to the airport for CHA.

The last two days I have barely looked up -- working on this last minute illustration job. It's an exciting job for an ad agency that works with pharmaceutical companies. If the pitch gets picked then it will go on to be a much bigger campaign and more work for me! Keeping my fingers crossed there!

So of course I am now not ready at all. All the time that I thought I would have to carefully select clothes and art supplies is gone! Now I am just dumping things in a suitcase and hoping for the best!

I'll be bringing my lap top and will blog from the road when I can! I hope to even take a little video to share with you guys! See you soon!

PS. I did take a break to watch Project Runway. Ricki's design did look more like a swimsuit, but Sweet Pea is skating on thin ice. I am betting she'll go next week. I was so glad Chris won something. I like him!


Hi Claudine, I'm excited about the CHA and can't wait to see your pictures. You are right about Ricki's design, he was lucky to get this far and Sweet Pea will be the next to go. I't hard to say who will be the last to go, probably Chris but I really like him too. That Christian is such a twerp but very talented! xo, suzy
I love Chris, too...I was so glad when they brought him back!! And I agree with georgiapeachez about Christian :)

Good luck at CHA!
I thought Sweet Pea was going to be out this week- I was a little surprised she made it- but Ricki's DID look like a bathing suit. I agree with you, unless Sweet Pea really comes up with something awesome, she'll be out next week.
Have fun at CHA!
Stopped by and you solved a mystery for me...when I saw your pic of CHA and told where you were(craft& hobby assoc)I finally understood what everyone has been talking about in my yahoo groups....cha this and cha cha that, I didn't want show my ignorance by asking something that seemed to be so obvious! Thanks. I am taking part in the ONE world-ONE heart blog giveaway. I hope you can visit my blog before the 14th to comment and be included for the drawing!
I am still doin your poppet style on my switching identities!
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