i'm here!
I am sitting in the LAX baggage claim right now waiting for Carmi's flight to come in. My flight got in about an hour ago so I thought I would get caught up on email.

My flight was pretty good! I had a whole row to myself so I could stretch out and try to sleep. There was a guy coughing behind me about every 30 seconds which made sleep difficult. Just when I thought he was going to stop coughing he would start up again. So then I started to anticipate his next cough which was more annoying than the actual coughing. I even tried giving him some gum to try to help, but it didn't work.

I used my ipod that I got for my birthday for the first time and I turned the volume up nice and loud to drown out his coughing. Now that I have figured out how to scroll on the wheel, I am loving it. I feel so hip and up-to-date using it! I downloaded a bunch of This American Life episodes (radio + one of the TV ones) and listened to those almost the whole way over. I also downloaded the new AMC series Breaking Bad which looks really good. I am saving that for the flight home.

Carmi's almost here so now we'll take the Super Shuttle to Anaheim and then collapse!

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~Best Wishes~ on your new endeavor. I enjoy your blog very much.
Another good show I can highly recommend is "Mad Men" (AMC). It's got a great script, great filming, and is historically accurate to 1961. It's a cool series (watched the whole 1st season on my ipod all while traveling!)The series gets better and better with each episode...
Hi Claudine! Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I have awarded you the "You Make My Day Award" on my blog. Check it out on you next virtual escape! You are such an inspiration. I'm looking forward to listening to your 2008 Smartist presentation on my ipod...Yes, I'm very behind. Warm Wishes! -Anne
mad men is definitely a must
and Breaking Bad is good (and strangely dark but you cant stop watching)
looking forward to seeing your new technique
I love Mad Men. It is the best show on TV. Reminds me of when I was a young woman working in England in the late 1950s. I remember one editor told me it would be over his dead body before he allowed a woman in his newsroom. Even when I got to be a reporter on a big paper, women were not allowed in the room where the copy editors worked. They threatened to strike if we were there - said it would inhibit their language.

Paul coming for lunch tomorrow...can't wait to cook up a storm.'

Love mummy
Hey Claudine- I was waiting for Ricky to cry when he got eliminated, surprisingly he didn't. I'll be at CHA on Monday and Tuesday. Hope to stop and say Hi for a picture for my blog.
planning to stop by and see you Tuesday! yay! can't wait...xo
Hi Claudine!
I bet you are having a great time with Bernie! I am excited to read all about your weekend when you come home.
i was wondering, when you have time, will you email me more information about your sedona, az workshop? pugnotes [at]
thanks so much!
it took me forever to figure out how to fast foward on the iPod - just push the center button twice until a little diamond appears at the bottom.
This American Life is my *favorite* podcast!
have fun and don't forget to eat something!
Taking the Super Shuttle to Anaheim does sound cool and exotic!
Good luck with all the new projects!
That's one of the podcasts I like, too. Another one I've really been enjoying is Bob Edwards Weekend from XM. He does some great interviews on that. I pretty much only listen to podcasts instead of music.
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