hello mr. robin!
Yesterday was supposed to be all about cleaning the house, making Super Bowl snacks and maybe even working in a trip to the mall for some new clothes --- but all of my Sunday plans went out the window when I found this little guy!

I was walking Toby on my way to feed our neighbor's coy fish when I noticed a little Robin hopping around in the grass, he didn't try to fly away when I approached him and his beak was open at an awkward angle. He never seemed to close his beak which seemed strange to me. As soon as I saw his beak open like that, I knew there was something wrong.

So I brought Toby home,then grabbed a box a towel and some gloves. I waited 15 minutes because I wanted to see if maybe he was just startled by Toby and that's why he didn't fly away.

Sure enough he was still there with his beak open, when I went back and so I scooped him up and put him in the box with the towel.

Luckily for Mr Robin, there is a wonderful woman, Ann Young (aka the bird lady) who lives about 45 minutes away from us. She has made it it her life's work to rescue injured song birds. Her entire house has been changed into a bird Emergency room and she does all this work on donations alone. In 2006 we brought a baby mockingbird to her. She is amazing.

So I rushed Mr Robin off to Ann's house. When I got there she took him into her arms and pronounced his beak broken. Then I burst into tears. I was so upset! I didn't want anything bad to happen to Mr Robin. Ann promised me that she is going to help this little guy fight and he will be OK. She gave him some special injured bird food because he hadn't eaten in days. Poor little guy!

After that, I had to leave because other people were coming in so I left Ann a donation check dedicated to my little Robin and said a tearful good-bye. I am going to check up on him in a few days. I hope he's going to make it!

Ann (no web site) is an amazing woman who dedicates every spare minute to taking care of birds so that they can be rehabilitated and released -- an incredible person who looks after God's creatures like my friend Bernie. We need more people like this in the world.
Well, and we need more people in the world like YOU, who take the time to be observant, who go back and rescue injured birds in the first place and who take them where they need to go and help support their care. While I was picking out a birthday gift for a friend the other day I saw your workshop book on collage and bought it as my gift -- how lovely it was to be able to do something in support of you and your work in exchange for all that you give of yourself!
As hard as it may be you have to let it go you were led to Mr Robin so you could help him/her (it could be a girl) you were in the right place at the time & knew what to do & have done all that you can now you have to leave it up to fate. We have cats and they sometimes bring home the windfalls from the nests sometimes we can’t do anything as it’s too late, sometimes we can put them back & sometimes I have to raise them as best I can, we don’t have anyone that we can pass them on to if we can get them over the first 24 hours then I can usally get them grown to adult hood & we release them if not injured, usally in large parks as they are to used to humans or find homes for them with the RSPCA. So send a pray to whom ever you believe in & let fate take its course, I know how hard that is & I will send a pray too! Seeya Hugya *G*
Isn't it interesting that Mr. Robin, having a broken beak probably could have flown away from you, however he knew he needed help and allowed you to pick him up and care for him? Perhaps he was just exhausted at that point, but none-the-less he was lucky to have you find him. We have rescued many creatures over the years and tried to help. We are lucky to have a wildlife hospital near us. Thank you for being so kind.
Claudine, you are a good soul.
Claudine, you're my hero!!!
hugs to you and little Robin
thank you for rescuing the baby bird. You were so instrumental in generating donations for Bernie, perhaps you could also be a wonderful advocate for Ann's cause especially since she works solely donations. Something to think about :)
You are a blessing to all of God's creatures~
Im so happy you did that. I hate seeing injured animals. I still wince at squirrels laying on the road. (I mean, c'mon they're everywhere...but they are also my favorite!)What a sweet little bird, I can see his little broken beak! He'll be just fine!
On behalf of Robin, I would like to thank you. The world would be such a better place if there were more people like you. Thanks from another lover of nature.
How sweet of you Claudine, and I just know you saved his little life! I loved this story-thank you!
Tami R.
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