smiling happy faces!
I spent a good part of today working on this video for Bernie at A Place to Bark. Look at all these smiling, happy faces!

There are ONLY 3.5 MORE DAYS LEFT to help A Place to Bark win the $50,000 grant!!

This is a cause that is so close to my heart, thank you for bearing with me while I make this last push for Bernie and the animals she rescues. Bernie and I have been close friends for 5 years and during that time I have learned so much about the horrors and sadness that can happen to these wonderful little creatures. I have spent days in sadness after hearing what she has gone through and the needless killing of these innocent animals. I can not do what Bernie does. I do not have the emotional strength. I can't even hear most of her stories because it sends me into fits of crying. She is strong and she is brave -- she fights for the animals who can not fight for themselves. I want to help her because she does what I only wish I could do.

Please keep spreading the word, just $10 ten dollars can make a world of difference in the lives of these animals! To succeed at the Challenge, the objective is to get as many people as we can to donate to our cause. Duplicate donations from the same individual will only be counted once. So tell everyone you know and get them to donate!! The heat is on and we need to keep those $10 donations coming in! I asked my massage therapist! And my neighbors! And all the people who I buy Girl Scout cookies from too!

If you think about it, what does ten dollars days buy now-a-days?? Not very much..
BUT your $10 can help A Place to Bark win this grant which will give Bernie the opportunity to build a shelter and save hundreds more animals from needless death!!

We only have until Thursday @ 3pm EST!! Let's DO THIS!!!

Also don't forget we have many donation gifts available to a few lucky donors, click here for the full list!

(to post this badge to your blog click the "share tab" to get the code)
Keep tabs on A Place to Bark's badge ranking here!!

About A Place to Bark:
"A Place to Bark" is a private no kill rescue run solely by Bernie Berlin. All animals come from high kill shelters in the south and are on death row. Combining health care, rehabilitation, and working with animal welfare organizations A Place to Bark provides a true no kill vision. Registered 501c3 non-profit. Visit A Place to Bark's web site.


I just watched this 5 times! It is so awesome! I'm sure Bernie loves it! I also put it on my blog. Hopefully, I can help drum up a few more donations.
hi Claudine! I definitely want to get involved! Its such a good cause. She is so brave and good hearted to take care of those animals.
I check the badge ranking every day and I donated also and placed the badge on my blog. I know that there are alot of artists out there that have added the badge to their blogs too! It's great to see everyone pull together for a great cause.
I just love all those happy "smiling" faces. I also could not do what she does -- I am even crying at your HAPPY u-tube, so I thank you for spreading awareness and giving all of us the opportunity to help!!
BRAVO Claudine!! What a fantastic friend you are!! This video is brilliant, what gorgeous faces :) I have donated and placed the badge on my blog a few weeks ago . . I will keep passing the word!
Hi claudine!
Great video! I am so excited for Bernie! I have posted your video on my blog. I hope it helps to spread the word this week!
hey claudine! be sure to enter my funky giveaway this week! ~jessica
Hello Claudine,

I like the way you approach life full of zest, energy, creativity and persistence and like to give you “You make my day” award.

For more details visit my blog

xo Suana
Okay, Claudine...I went through my email list yet again, figured out whom I hadn't yet hit up to expand my "ask" list and sent out several more emails....hope this keeps Bernie in the running! Jood
Hi Claudine!

I wanted to let you know that I awarded you the You Make My Day award, on my blog. Please check out my blog to read up on the deets!

Best wishes (and big barks for A Place To Bark!!)


The video was wonderful! I am involved in greyhound rescue and try to volunteer and do what I can for our greyts. Bernie's cause encompasses so much more. She is an earth angel! No doubt... I fianlly was able to get trhough to donate! Yea! And I posted a badge to my site. Thanks Claudine for being there...

just wanted to stop by and introduce myself since we were awarded the "you make my day award" from Kathy at the same time. I am a designer who lives near Boston and I license my artwork out to manufacturers. You can check out my website at or stop by my blog at nice to meet you.

Hey Claudine. Love the great video. I just posted about this on my blog and added your video too. Keeping my fingers crossed that Bernie will win this grant!! Oh, and I made my donation to this great cause too!!
OH NO!!!!! She's slipped to #3 with others on her tail (okay bad pun) If you know of ANYONE who can donate $10 now is the time! jood
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