right now i am....
Nervously clicking the reload button to check A Place to Bark's ranking in the Network for Good Grant challenge. A Place to Bark has dropped to 3rd place!! yipes!! We need to keep it there so that we can get this $50k grant, if we drop any lower we could be out of the running. This is so stressful!!! And we have 1.5 days to go!! If you know of ANYONE who can donate $10 now is the time! akkk!!!

About A Place to Bark:

"A Place to Bark" is a private no kill rescue run solely by Bernie Berlin. All animals come from high kill shelters in the south and are on death row. Combining health care, rehabilitation, and working with animal welfare organizations A Place to Bark provides a true no kill vision. Registered 501c3 non-profit. Visit A Place to Bark's web site.


I just told my friend Jen to donate! She said she was gonna and I asked her if she did and she said no...and I said go...go do it NOW!! LOL
I just saw the video ! It was wonderful ((gulp)))))

Way to spark more donations !

Yayyyy !

Ack!!! It's so close! I just made my donation...
Hey Claudine,

My husband was just talking about Bernie's organization. Count me in for a donation! I will spread the word on my blog and yahoo groups.

Ok..Claudine, I just donated again under my husbands name...LOL That's fair right? It is a unique donor! He has a different email and credit card then me. Hope this helps.
Just posted on Two Peas, let's see if that get's some more donations!
it's a dead heat! so stressful! We are still OK in third but it's too close to being eliminated for comfort, i'd much rather see A Place to Bark in second. Right!!

So stressful!! thank you to everyone for all your hard work! we can do this!!!!
This is a seriously nail-biting last minute down to the wire competition! Acck!

I've started a raffle of my own to entice people into donating.

$200 for the animal rescue organization of their choice!!!

Read all about it at
I KNOW!!!! I am trying NOT to keep hitting reload and worrying about it. MUST FOCUS ON WINNING NOT LOSING!!!!!!

gonna burn a candle to St Francis and Bast tomorrow
Hi Claudine~
As per your tele-summit presentation, you inspired me to set up a blogspot and to post about the "A Place To Bark" Challenge today! I made a donation, set up
the donation badge on my blog and sent out about a hundred emails with a link to it! It sure can't hurt!!
I'll mention it again tomorrow morning in my Spirit Art Blog! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, your friend Bernie and all our four legged friends as well!!
Wow! A raffle to get more donors! how creative! I got off the computer and put out a few phone calls and 1 friend wrote back with this--thought it might encourage others to keep calling friends! "Hi Jood! Vale has now donated, I reminded Diane that she needed to get her donation done before Thursday (she said she would), I left a message for a fellow volunteer who would probably donate if she gets the message in time, and Fred donated $50 this evening."
:-) jood
I see 2nd place right now, with 200 donations below 1st place. I'm sending this to everyone I know, gosh I hope we make it!@
Claudine, your video is adorable! I want to take them all home. We have the flow goin' over at Feisty Females too! Will post again.

Halo ;)

this is so stressful!! it makes me shake!!

crazy I saw that Martha has a new blog...maybe you could send her a note about Bernies' cause :)

xo ~Bella
claudine....just sent a donation from delilahblue the airedale! good luck. we are keeping our fingers crossed!
Claudine-you other bloggers have motivated me! Here's update from a friend I called today asking her help in eliciting donors "No problem I sent out about 30 emails to family and friends. Hope that Bernie gets the grant." AND I did up a quick poster/thingie (4 slips to a page) my friend is taking to a doggie event tonight! jood
thank you jood!! you are a gem!! thank you to everyone for supporting this cause!!!!
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