only two hours left!
There's only two hours left in the Network for Good $50,000 grant contest! yipes! This is so stressful I can hardly look. Right now A Place to Bark is badge #5 by about 100 donations.

Click here to keep tabs on her badge ranking. The way they have the badges listed it is confusing but the ranking goes like this:

1      2
3      4
5      6
7      8
9      10

Also just FYI --- it is confusing in the contest rules but if you read further on this page you'll see that only the first 4 USA badges and then the first 4 International will win. At first when you read it looks like the top 8. :(

I was just talking to Bernie on the phone while she is is sleep deprived and driving 42 animals from TN to Chicago for adoptions -- she says she is at peace with whatever happens. We are thrilled and excited to have already raised SO MUCH money for A Place to Bark, that even if the additional $50,000 grant doesn't happen it will be OK. Thanks to all of your amazing and generous support this has been an incredible success even if we don't win the extra grant -- we still win!!!

It would be great for at least one animal rescue to be in the top 4, so whether it is A Place to Bark or 11th Hour, we are OK with that. At least we know animals will be helped. Each and everyone of these charities does good work for wonderful causes so whomever wins, it will all be for good!!

It's the last two hours.... here we go!! keeping fingers tightly crossed!!!!
dear claudine, you have been such a trouper for bernie through all of this! and if in the end she's not a top 4 winner, those other causes are worthy too, and we can take consolation that bernie still has raised a lot of money, hopefully enough to start building the shelter. i did my final plea this morning, and my tummy is full of jitters every time i check the badge rankings. but how much good came of all this, amazing! thank you for your commitment, i admire you so for putting yourself out there and inspiring others to do the same.
I did another contribution before the deadline. My fingers are crossed for you and Bernie!
Hi Claudine,
Immediately after I sent my email to you about the 8 badges, I saw your blog post about 4 of them being international - darn - I was hoping I found some kind of loophole...still, what a great kind of competition - everyone wins.
Do you know when we find out the offical number of unique donors for each group?!?

I know you guys are at peace with whoever wins, but I'm still kinda hoping someone has been donating 10bucks at a time 300 times over for one of the other charities!

Good job no matter what happens! Much love.
Hey girl ~ It's REALLY getting down to the wire.... Less than one hour to go! Each time I look, the gap gets wider. I'm still thinking positive thoughts however. All the organizations participating in this challenge seem like extremely worthy ones and I am happy that another animal rescue organization is in the top four. It is wonderful that so much money and awareness is being raised for Bernie's monumental undertakings. Kudos to Bernie for all she does for our furry children and to you, Claudine for making this happen in a very big way!!
Kerri --
i know I had dreams ALL NIGHT that there was a loophole and that the top 8 ended up winning. but it is only the top 4. still it will be OK not matter what. we have come SO FAR!!!

a dog's best friend --
they do an audit of the badges and strip off all the duplicate donations and then they notify you in 30 days. so there's still hope ;)
I was up until 2:30 am emailing everyone I know, digging way back. I feel almost as stressed as when I was waiting to hear about my dog's cancer remission. I will be glad though if at least one dog charity wins. We all win, we put our hearts into something very important. Bless you and Bernie.
Darn- I was reading the list downwards and thought that she was # 3. I'll be glad for the other charities who win..but so wanted Bernie to win, I guess that there is still 1/2 hour to vote. Fingers and toes are crossed.
hope bernie does well!

on a different note, i'm so excited it's thursday and i'm exceptionally eager for tonights project runway!!!!
Morning girls.... just out of bed and notice that Bernie is in 5th place by 182 donations! Was so hoping that it wasn't so, but after reading Claudine's message there could be a chance if others have multiple donations from one person, right????

yes there is still the off chance that one of the others has multiple donations and bernie might get bumped up in the audit! you never know! But either way it is all good. we have done so much and raised so much money and made a lot of friends a long the way!!!

this is so nerve wracking! I just wanted to thank you Miz Claudine for all that you've done to help w/ this contest. I'm keeping my paws crossed for good news!

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