illustration friday: plain
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "plain"

(click image to enlarge)

"Maude always knew she was the plain one...."

This image is was licensed as a greeting card design by
The Greeting Place and is also available for sale right now in my Etsy store!!


Great image for plain! It is a hard one to come with!

This is just perfect! It's so 30's! And so plain.
Poor Maude. I identify with her. Great style. :)
This is a wonderful piece. Maude's expression is so funny! I love the colors too. This is perfect as a card, and one which I could easily see sending to my friends! Nice work.
haha this was funny, her expression and all. Wonderful color!
Maude may be plain but this image is very cheery.
I wanted to tell you that the Sitting Pretty Poppets that you made for my brothers family were WONDERFUL Christmas presents and the kids and family were delighted with them.
Happy New Year!
Funny and great color
but I like Maude's lovely skirt even better than her friend's.... Great much fun !!!
Poor Maude. The gal needs a makeover perhaps! Keep up the fine work you do!
I don't think Maude is plain, I think she's perpetually unhappy. (You know the type!) If she would just try smiling it would change her whole outlook :-)
btw, Maude was my Grandmother's name...Maude Evelynina Porter- Yikes! She didn't smile very much either.
Excellent card. Always fun to stop by!
thanks guys! it was fun little piece to work on :)
Too funny !!!
It is incredible how similar to my aunts :o)
Oh poor Maude! But she always a stylish dresser! As always love your work!
I feel bad for the plain girl. Must be awful to go through life with that title.
aaah, she just needs to smile! Wonderful piece!
Aaw.. poor Maude! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Your work is always great.
Adorable! The plain one does have the cool matching purse!
It's the smile maude! Maude is the snappier dresser. Your work is always wonderful.
great :) your stuff is always so fun.
Laurel's right. Smile Maude and you'd be a "10"!

Love it Claudine. :)

This is so perfect, you selected just the right expressions for the saying. I love stopping by your blog Claudine, you always brighten my day. Blessings, Karen
Oh poor Maude :( Maybe Maude will find a sweet Harold. Love your work as always!
Hah, very nice! Of course, you are subtly pointing out that "plain" is sometimes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If Maude was smiling confidently like her sister she'd be just as attractive(?)
Love this as usual! And would be kind enough to visit my blog and leave me a message telling me the best kind of glue to use when sticking coins to a canvas? I figured you would know if anyone would.

have a glorious day!
At least her outfit is nice and bright. :)
Oh, poor Maude... I bet she secretly has way more fun, you've got to watch those quiet ones!
This is a howl!j
Great approach, and style.
haha---nice take. some people are like that. :)
I really like the flower patterns of their skirts.
pretty cool!
oh my word...this is awesome =) Love "Maudes" face..he he
Always enjoy seeing the latest...the text to this one really makes it!
Very good stuff! Surprising? No.
oh but Maude is so much fun!!
love her face!
Poor Maude, at least she has no illusions...
You've got such a fantastic style to your art. The mixed media works so well.
Very nice work again. I really like the color harmony here. Cool.
I love their proportions, and Maude's frumpy face. Awesome.
thanks everyone for your super sweet comments!! you made my day!!
oh poor Maude. she's got the cutest little purse though.
Poor Maude! I love your's so fun! I love the mixture of medias.
Claudine I really like your style. Beautiful illustration too.
This is really funny! I can't believe I missed it. I love the flowers.
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