thank you for the birthday wishes!
Thanks for all the wonderful happy birthday messages and emails! I had a great 33rd birthday yesterday. I got a massage and then Paul and I went out to dinner and afterwards we met up with the neighbors and enjoyed a nice fire in their fireplace. It's really chilly here so it was extra fun!

I was super lucky and I got the wonderful polka dotted plates and mugs from my parent's (thanks Mom and Dad!). Paul got me an ipod nano with the little TV in it! Perfect for when my travel schedule picks up!

Today I did all sorts of errands, went to the dentist, bought some Christmas gifts, went grocery shopping. Now I am exhausted. I am not a good errand runner. If I go to more than one store, I am wiped out for the day. I think I might treat myself to a little rest today and read a little bit. I don't have any pressing work which feels sooooo good!
HEY! I got the Nano for my birthday last month! Hubby is a Mac freak and LOVES to shop at the Apple store for me...of course, I prefer Macs anyway! But that Nano! OMG! Hubby put a couple of Season 2 Project Runway episodes on there and I CANNOT believe how great the picture is...I can't wait to use it while traveling either!

happy birthday!! boy to be 33 again!! enjoy it!

hope you had awonderful, magical, sparkling day - no make that week!! you deserve it!!
kathy :-)
Happy Happy Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!!! Yay!! Here's to another GREAT year around the corner for you!!! :) :) :)
Happy Belated Birthday!
Hi, Claudine.

So funny to read about Project Runway! I set up one
for a Valentine's Day party a year ago at work and
called it Project Funway. Every team of 2 got a paper grocery bag with 2 yards of pink tulle, 2 yards of aluminum foil, 2 yards of string and a few sections of newspaper. On the table were scissors, tape and staplers. Each team had 1/2 hour to complete an outfit and then model it. So the person who wasn't wearing an outfit used a pencil and 3x5 card to write and read off the description of their creation as their favorite modeling music played in the background.
I had burned a CD with songs like ZZ Top - She's Got Legs, Madonna's Vogue, etc. It was fun, fun, fun - and everyone just laughed their heads off.
Oh, and incredibly inexpensive to pull together.
Happy Belated Birthday, Miss Claudine!

Hugs, Robin
happy birthday, dear Claudine! xoC
Hi Claudine - Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day and many more :-)

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