project runway party
I'm working up a storm here getting lots of work done so I can enjoy the Project Runway party tonight at Lynn and John's house.

Here's a photo of my hat that I made from paper plates, duct tape, pipe cleaner, colored tissue and newspaper.
Click here to see a few more photos on my Flickr.


Recap of the Project Runway Part Challenge: John put random items on a table: paper plates, colored tissue, duct tape, pipe cleaners, pens, newspaper. Then he told us we had to make a hat for ourselves and one for Smudge (their Labrador retriever). We had 45 minutes to work. John even made a "Tresmme Hair and makeup room" complete with wigs and funny glasses to add when we modeled our designs. Lynn and I were a team. Larry and Martha were a team. Matthew and Rachel Cornell were another team.

No challenge tonight, everyone is worn out. But next week we'll do one here at our house! Now to think of something good for the challenge! I'm thinking of garbage bag outfits. Any suggestions?


claudine, i'm SO jealous, you're going to the whipples! i know you are friends with them, they rock! i saw them last at CCAF here in denver. the whipples are an institution in my mind - GENIUS! warm hugs from colorado, rach
hehehe....I read your request for challenge idea and instantly this popped into my head. Pair people up, they must join "at the hip" and each member of a pair can only use one arm: thus the person on the left uses their left arm/hand, the person on the right only can use their right hand/arm. You can use your garbage bag outfit, but this is the "twist" which you KNOW PR is famous for pulling on contestants. You pair them off, give them the basics of the challenge and THEN tell them they must join and only use one arm/hand! jood
that is just a very fun picture - thanks for sharing it. your hat is cuuute!
Very cute hats! I like the garbage bag idea. Maybe some leftover scraps from packaging, wrapping paper, other misc. paper just general recycled junk(oooh there must be a more classy word for that!) Sounds like you'll have a blast though!
I am thinking (like the garbage bag idea) of a challenge that involves making something out of the paper on our art tables that we use as a liner or notepad...mine has jots, paint blobs, haiku, gesso name it. Come to think of it it may be better then some of the pieces I label as art. Be well. Love the hat!
jodi barone
ok that is just TOOOO much fun

love it.

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