not much to report!
It's been nice and slow here the last couple of days. I have been working just a tiny bit in the studio and then reading a lot and enjoying some rest time. Trying not to feel guilty about resting and reminding myself that I have been super busy since September. So I deserve a break.

I am reading a book about Vampires that I surprised myself by enjoying. I am a little embarrassed to post about it, but it's really pretty good in a Buffy/Angel kinda way (I was really into the Buffy/Angel unrequited romance thing back in the day). I haven't read any vampire books since I read all the Anne Rice books in 1995 and am enjoying some mindless "beach reading."

I also rented Wonderfalls from Netflix. It has the guy from Pushing Daisies in it and my friend Missy told me it was really good -- can't wait to watch!

On my agenda for today is to tidy up the studio and organize my supplies a little, pack up a last custom artwork order to go out and maybe update my web site and then rest some more!


Wonderfalls is great! If you like Pushing Daisies you will love this. We bought it on DVD, watched the entire series then loaned it to my brother to watch. Everyone I know loves Wonderfalls!
I just normally read your posts and don't comment. But I just wanted to say I was a Big Buffy/Angel fan. And I love Stephenie Meyer's books. After i finished "Twilight" I immediately went on Amazon to buy the other two in the series. I'm waiting with baited breath for the fourth. I'm not her market but I don't care. Books are books as long as they get you to read; it shouldn't matter what the subject matter is.

I totally agree! I am so into this book, it's so funny. I am not their target market either but really enjoying it!
Wonderfalls is great fun! My husband and I enjoyed the short-lived series through Netflix, then ended up buying the DVDs. We are now working our way through it again with friends.

I was never into the vampire genre, but then I got caught up in the Buffy/Angel storyline when my husband started watching them after so many people whose opinions we respected recommended them. Since then I have read a number of vampire books, including Twilight and the two sequels. I really enjoyed Twilight, but found the sequels a bit tedious. My favorite vampire book, however, is Sunshine by Robin McKinley. I highly recommend it.

That's great that you are taking a break. Enjoy! You deserve it.
Wonderfalls is awesome! I watched it last year when I was really, really sick and couldn't get out of bed. It helped keep me sane when my world was very tiny. :)

I have that book on my shelf and it's in the list to get to when things slow down. We're on vacation next week so it just might get pulled down!
The Twilight series ROCKS! I love it, AND they are making the first book into a movie. My stepdaughter tells me there will be eight books. I have read the three that have been released. I listened to the first two on audio, which was great, and then read the last one in print.
Hey Girl!!! Hope you had a great Christmas. Don't feel bad. I named my dog Caleb after Michael Easton's Vampire character on "Port Charles"! And yes, loved Buffy and Angel and am not ashamed!

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