no tree this year
We decided against putting up the Christmas tree again this year. Stanley is just too naughty and I know I'll spend all day picking him out of the tree. We had some white twinkle lights on our porch this summer just for decoration and I caught him chewing on the glass bits! yipes! So right then I knew no more Christmas tree at least for a couple years. That's OK we really barely have room for one anyway! We'll put out our 1970's ceramic trees and call it a day. I did put up lights outside so that counts too!

Tonight we have Paul's office party to go to (those office parties are always hard work), then maybe we can watch our Netflix movie that came in (The Namesake). I just finished packing up my last custom order that needs to ship on Monday. Yay! I only have one more and that's local so they will come and pick it up. It feels so good to be almost done! The rest of today I'll get cracking on my Christmas postcards to send out. And that's about it around here!


Hi Claudine! We had the same issue with our kitties and many a toppled tree, so you should try what we do now--a half-tree that you hang on the wall! If you like, I can email you some photos. xo, T
You could always hang the tree upside down from the ceiling... No, wait, Stanley likes to walk on the plant shelf. Guess that's out too!

Hope you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas (and I hope Santa doesn't leave coal in Stan's stocking!)

Thanks for your kind comment. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Don't feel too badly about not putting a tree up. We have a 9 month old beagle, and there was NO WAY I was going to put up our big tree this year, so I opted for a 4 foot tree on a tabletop. So far, he does not seem interested in it.
LOL!!! ohhh my goshhhh...
I had to take a peek at your "Stanley"..and had to laugh!!! He looks just like my NAUGHTY kitty, Tippy!!! lol Perhaps they are related!!!! hahahahaha
I had my worries about putting up our christmas tree too.. but we did..and ::: knock on wood::: Tippy has been a really good boy with the tree!!
I have pics of Tippy on my blog..
how funny!
Merry Christmas!!!!!
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