i am bad at relaxing
I am *supposed* to be relaxing and reading and enjoying movies this week but today I had a really hard time.

I have things on my to-do list that I know can wait a couple days while I enjoy some much needed rest. But just knowing they are on my to-do list irks me and I can't rest with total enjoyment. It is very annoying! Shut up brain!

This is an issue I work on with my coach all the time. I will always have a to-do list. There will always be more things to to-do. I need to learn to rest now and then without feeling like a slacker. Never-the-less, my work brain got the best of me today. So I gave in and did some work on my new book and a few other things. Now I feel a little better and maybe I will be able to allow myself to enjoy Wonderfalls tonight guilt free! We'll see!


i am so bad at relaxing too!!! i tell my self..oh i'll get this done and relax..then i find another project to work on!!!

that's exactly what i do too. drives me nuts!!
I think it's a product of our society really. We're taught from an early age by parents and teachers to get our work done before we can play, and we learn it very well by adulthood!! I do the same thing -- but your point is a good one -- there will ALWAYS be a "to do" list so we should put "relax" on it now and then.
Yes, kerrip is so right. As a 1st grade teacher, I'm guilty of that! And as a mom, I'm guilty on 2 counts. :) I do the same thing, too. Except if I put my to-dos on a list, I tend to put them off. Instead I just keep going and going till everything in my head is crossed off. I hope you get that much-deserved rest this weekend. :)
Hi Claudine, One of the strategies that helps me deal with my to do lists when I begin to feel overwhelmed is to place an additional entry next to each item estimating the amount of time that that particular task will take to complete. Then I total the amount of time to complete all the tasks, and I'm usually surprised that the amount of time I'll need is less than I imagined. Then I'll either mentally or on paper sketch out the days and times when I can complete those tasks. It helps to relieve some of the stress I'm putting myself under.

Merry Christmas to you and your's Claudine. You are a talented artist, a lovely and caring person, and more.

The problem is that we are all probably over-achievers - can't turn the brain off. It's tiring....
I have this same issue too. Thanks for 'outing' yourself!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!! I so enjoy your work, and your blog! Take care!
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