call me ms housefrau
I feel like little Miss Housefrau lately with all this cleaning I have been doing. I am in an organizational + cleaning frenzy!

Did I even mention that I cleaned all the tiles in both our bathrooms AND you have to clean them one by one because they are those darn textured ceramic tiles that suck up lots of dirt. I am feeling so virtuous after 6 + hours of cleaning bathroom tiles. The grout has never looked so clean.

For continued tile cleanliness, I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond today to pick up more of these rugs to go in front of the bathroom sinks. I struck up a conversation with another woman buying the same rugs. We both mentioned at almost the same exact time that they are the perfect rugs because the cats won't pee on them. Anyone with cats who like to pee on bath mats will totally get this and why we chatted fervently in the checkout line about our plans to outwit our cats.

Then I shredded our mammoth pile of junk mail shredding and I am so in love with my new 18 sheet shredder. I can put an entire envelope in it without opening it. Bye-bye credit card applications. yay! Now if I can stick to my New Year's Resolution of shredding junk mail every day and not letting it pile up to a mini mountain, I will be so proud of myself.

Then if that wasn't virtuous enough I did my 4th Quarter taxes. yay me! Patting myself on the back! Nighty night!


Happy Birthday and Holidays, Claudine! My tile awaits.
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