the aftermath
Christmas is over and it was a good one. Yay! Yesterday we had about 15 people over, my mom and dad and then Paul's family too.

I had cleaned the entire house all day on Christmas Eve so everything was sparkling. Well for about 5 minutes. Once our nieces were unleashed it was as if I never cleaned. But it was fun! Mental note, next year don't worry about cleaning so much. Maybe clean *after* the party!!

Today I am doing various business things and getting paper work ready for 2008. I also have a big pile of shredding to do! One of my New Year's resolutions is to shred the junk mail everyday and not let it pile up. Then tonight we might go visit some friends of the family and then I promised I would take my sister in-law's doggie out while they are out of town tonight. That's about it!
Oh, Claudine, you are adorable. We all do that - clean and tidy and make everyone think that our houses look that way all the time (ha- for me), but it's so hard not to do it. I would bet you'll still clean just as well next year, even knowing what the nieces will do in five minutes!! - I've been making that mental note to clean up after for 18 years and I still clean up both before AND after. Merry Chrismas, Claudine & Paul & kitties!!!
Happy New Year!!

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