it's 3pm on saturday
It's 3pm on Saturday and I am still in my jammies. I started working on artworks and things that I need to get done today and now the day is half done and I'm not dressed. But that's OK. I work best in my PJs! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! For now, it's back to work for me, then later I will have to get out of my pajamas so Paul and I can go out to dinner. I wonder if I can convince him to have Thai food again. I could eat Thai every day! hmmmmm.


i love pjs. that is one of the glorys of working from a home studio. today i was in mine until
11:30 and yesterday till about 1:00

hey claudine! i was catching up on bernie berlin's blog today. while there i was going through her sidebar links & found a few (including mine) that were broken links. if my memory serves me right, you formatted & maintain bernie's blog...that's why i contacted you. if you are no longer doing this, then let me know & i'll email bernie. i know she has no time for stuff like this, but i figured she would want her links to be correct. hope you're having a great weekend! jessica
Hey girl, that Thai place is d-dam-licious! I would eat it everyday too! My sis makes good Thai food, she took lessons in Chaing Mai. She says 'Hi!'.
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