hi from Stan and Mabel!
Stan and Mabel say hi from their porch "cat tree."


I bought this cat tree about a year ago and they love it! It goes from the floor to the ceiling (about 8 ft) and they fight over who gets to sit in the "lookout nest." Stan just got done poking Mabel for about 5 minutes in the hopes he would annoy her enough and she would leave and then he could have her spot. It worked! Just after this photo was taken, she climbed down and he jumped into her warmed-up seat!

Thanks for all the well wishes! Still coughing here. I tried Zicam 8 hour cough relief but it only kinda worked. very annoying. On the plus side, I am getting a good ab workout from all this coughing. So now I don't need to feel guilty about being too sick to do yoga.


Glad you are better, I have that cough/cold also and my abs actually hurt from coughing so much. I was in DisneyWorld last weekend so maybe it is a Florida virus - whatever it is it's a doozy!
Such cute kitties - happy thanksgiving to you all.
LOVE the picture!! Stan sure did grow up to be a handsome kitty:) Glad you have him...
Feel better soon!!
i miss having a cat
boss me around!!

While housework is the *first* thing on my mind only after I'm better, I love nothing better than my snugglecats, a bottomless cup of hot green tea, and a big comfy blanket that I drag around with me like a 5 year old.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and oh, don't forget to have a glass of red, I swear by wine whenever I'm feeling like crud.
ha! i just witnessed a scene much like this in my home! we have an orange boy and a brown tiger girl and they battled it out tonight for the top level (we humans call it level 3) which for the cats, is the only level they want to be on.

i hope you're feeling better soon. it's no fun to be sick!
Hey, I just thought of something - (scary, is it not?).

Last year, I tried that mucinex to break up my congestion and it worked marveously! Great product. Maybe that would help. Worked almost overnight.
Miss Claudine! Love the kitty perch. I've got one, not so tall, but it's Oliver's "fort". I love driving in at night and see his silhouette through the front bay window...on alert! Feel better and Happy Thanksgiving!

Kitty Hugs, Robin

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for the great blog and the wonderful art creations.

Ann from NY
great picture they are fab looking cats :) i bet your a proud mommy when it comes to these two they really are stunning stan is a beautiful colour
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