today went like this...
.... have a nightmare that I am at Art & Soul with no teaching supplies and everyone taking my classes are mad at me, wake up with headache, take migraine pill, go back to bed, check email, talk to coach, begin packing for Art & Soul workshops, put everything in suitcases, take everything back out of suitcases, look at everything on the floor, wonder how I will get it all to Portland, repack everything leaving some items out, worry that I now do not have enough supplies, put items I left out back in suitcases, give up and decide I will resume packing Thursday, walk Toby, talk to Bernie, work on custom artwork orders and artwork for new book, glue almost finished artwork down, realize there are air bubbles (darn it) rip everything apart and start again, check email, write this blog post. whew!

See you tomorrow!


Air bubbles are the cool new thing in art! I suggest circling them with BLACK ink so the viewer SEES them and knows how cool the art is :). It is really hard to get good air bubbles!
I feel your pain, sister.
Oh, Claudine! I feel your pain...and in some cases this has happened when one portion of the supplies was forgotten...never again! Double, triple, quadruple check! Inky Hugs, Robint
Oh man, been there! Done that. I HATE those kinds of dreams. I thought we were supposed to stop having those dreams after high school and college!
Anxiety dreams are some of the worst...
Hi Claudine! Ah, the old "I forgot my locker combo" dream in disguise! LOL!

Sending good thoughts your way :-)

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