pushing daisies
I am in LOVE with the new series Pushing Daisies. WOW! The colors in that show are amazing, the filming, the script, love it all. It's like if Big Fish were a TV show. I just hope it stays on the air and doesn't get canceled, it is such a good edgy show it's almost too good to be on network TV.


yes, i know! i missed it last night and i watched it today on abc's website. its so beautiful, your right it is like big fish!
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I SO totally agree ... and I am also a huge fan of Big Fish (cried for a week after seeing it as my Grandfather had just died when I saw the movie and he was a man of TALL tales as well - most of them true :) Anyway, glad to know I wil be watching "Pushing Up Daisies" with you!

I loved Pushing Daisies! When I explained it to my 12 year old daughter I told her it was a 3 way cross between Men in Black, A Series of Unfortunate Events and a Tim Burton film.

I said to my husband "People are either going to love it or hate it. This is going to be totally black and white." I liked it and hope it doesn't get cancelled either!
Ooooo! You've sucked me in! If it reminds you of Big Fish, I have to watch it. Loved that movie. I always enjoy popping by your blog to see what your up to. Your art is so quirky & fun, the kind of stuff that really makes you feel good.
You know, I sat there during the entire show and was trying to figure out why I liked it. I *loved* Big Fish and you are right, it is so much like it! It's a very cute show, I hope it stays!
Me too! I've been trying to TIVO it since I heard about it weeks ago so I couldn't wait. I've loved Lee Pace since Wonderfalls - another show that was goregous and fabulous. And, because of the pie connection, Waitress is also another must see for those who haven't.
I loved the show too! Such great colors! I love that adult "fairy tales" are becoming so big...Big Fish, Lady in Water, now this show! It's great.
I'll have to check it out because I loved Big Fish, too. That movie was filmed in the sleepy little town where my brother lives.
Stunning. Just Stunning. Quirky and Sweet - Twisted and Romantic. So original!!!
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