i'm here!
I'm here in New Jersey ready for Ranger U tomorrow. I had a good flight here all went smoothly. I did have a odd guy next to me who kept wiping his fingers on the seat in front of him and then in the Sky Mall catalog. I didn't look long enough to see what exactly he was wiping. It was gross enough to see the wiping action taking place. I really like reading the Sky Mall catalog but after watching him, I think I'll pass it up next time I am on a plane. ewww!

To distract myself from finger-wiping-man, I started reading this book on the way here. It's an anthology which is perfect for a short plane ride, lots of little stories that you can stop and start reading. I am a huge Judy Blume fan so I am really enjoying this book.

I had a nice ride out from the airport. The guy driving the cab told me all about his trip to China and how he got these giant Fu Dog statues to put in his front lawn. 350lbs each, yes 3-5-0 lbs. Shipped all the way from China. Wow! I bet the neighbors love that! Then he got out his photos from his trip and had me look at them. So cute!

Now I am all ready to get to bed and then tomorrow it's play time. It should be fun to experiment with some new things!


Glad you arrived safely. I always worry. Your seat companion sounds awful - glad I didn't have him all the way back from London. Wonder if the Fu Dogs contain lead paint...
EW, wiping action! *shudder*

Things like that just make you think way too much. Now I'll start wondering who's wiping what, and where. Why do people do these things in public?

Have fun!
Claudine, I think that one time just for fun, you, me and Karen should all take a short flight together. I just really want to know what kind of person the 3 of us COMBINED would attract. HAHA!!
Have a great trip!
oooh! I'm the kind of person who would have called him out just to embarrass him so he would stop. hee, hee!

Can't wait to see what comes of your classes in future posts.
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