happy halloween!
Snapped a couple of photos of Mabel wearing Toby's Halloween costume. Here is she lounging in my studio. I thought she would hate wearing it but she didn't seem to mind at all. Stan on the other hand wouldn't even wear it for one second!



I just gave out the last of the candy to the trick-or-treaters, now I'll get a little more work done and then watch Pushing Daisies. yay! Happy Halloween!

EDITED: NOV 1st, 2:40pm
For Angie who requested to see Toby as Ewok again :)


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Very cute love the top pic the best! shes a beautiful cat! :)
CUTE!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))
My cats would quite happily take my arms off if I tried anything like that!

Love the blog, by the way!
Awwwe...what a sweet girl!!!
I love that little white triangle on Mabel's nose! She looks so sweet. :)

My youngest son and I are hooked on PUshing DAisies, too.

Hope your Halloween was happy!

Love the pictures! And you know, the pumpkin costume actually does work better on Mabel... I mean, after all, she is the one most shaped like a pumpkin! Nice and round! LOL! I remember the year Toby was dressed like an ewok or something and I remember pulling the picture up over and over just laughing so many times over it. I'd love to see that photo again!
super cute!!! I dressed nico as a little cowboy- I had to return the lion costume I actually bought as he would have NOTHING to do with it!!! btw- what was the name of the book site where you list you fav's and they recommend stuff?
doh! had i LOOKED further down your blog i'd have seen it!!!
Mabel is just so sweet in Toby's costume. Looks like the perfect fit!
Tell Toby I say hi and that is one bitchin' good costume. Where's Stan's costume?
Its so fun when animals are loved and adored this much!! What an adorable shot of your little ewok! Just peeked in to see what you are up to Claudine! Wishing you much success and blessings on all your holiday custom orders!
Take Care
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