going home!
I'm here at Newark airport waiting for my flight home. I don't board for another hour, so I thought I would kill time checking email for a little bit. It took me forever to find a power outlet. All the business men and lap top people were circling around them like sharks. Finally one opened up so I could plug in and near a chair too! Yay! No sitting on the floor in the middle of a gate.

Ranger U was a lot of fun! Super thanks to Tim and Robin for working so hard to make it a success. I can't wait to get home and explore some of the techniques and play with them to see what I can do. I already have some ideas especially for playing with fabric. ohhhh!

Just got a couple photos downloaded from my camera:

Here's a pic of Tim Holtz and I. Tim taught the weekend workshop and taught us 44 different techniques. How he was not totally exhausted is beyond me!

And Robin Beam, Tim Holtz and me. Robin runs the education program for Ranger, she worked hard making sure everything went smoothly this weekend and that we all had loads of goodies to bring home!

Now I'm going to try and scout out some food and then my flight should board. I have a good book to read too. See you tomorrow!


hey girl! looks like you were having fun! nice to be sitting on the other side of the table??? i got you box- THANK YOU!!!! we are all LOVING everything to pieces :) you are ze best!
What wonderful pics!

I love your blog, thanks so much for sharing all of your fresh and fun artwork!
awwww, look at all of you! so glad you had fun c. hugs, rach
I'm tempted to read this ook since my mom died last month, but I am kind of afraid of the emotions it may bring!lep9511
Hi Claudine,
I took that class last year and had so much fun and then to recieve the goody box a week later...just frosting on the cake. You look beautiful, as always, in the photos.
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