tomorrow is show time!
Today was practice day at the Martha Stewart TV offices!

Paul helped me get my luggage to the office and then once I was settled he left me there to concentrate. Everyone there is super nice, and we went over all the steps and how things will work. There is a lot to remember and I am nervous about forgetting something. At the beginning Martha and I will be standing over by one table then we have to walk over the crafting table. I hope I don't fall down! I don't know why but I am so worried about that!

The producer let me know that there will be cue cards letting me know if I need to hurry up or if we are running out of time. I hope I can pace everything without talking to fast, too loud or not making sense. Part of me is so crazy excited and the other part wants to hide in my bed under the covers! Paul keeps reminding me that I have done TV shows a few times before so at least I have those experiences to reference.

I feel like I did when I was little about to dive off the diving board into the pool. It is so scary at first and you don't want to do it but then afterwards it's like "that was super fun! let's do it again!" I am sure I will feel the same way this time tomorrow!

I start early at 8am tomorrow and the show is being filmed at 10am EST here so some markets will see it live and others will see the live-to-tape version aired later! Here I go!!

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claudine -
eat well, drink lots of water and focus on dreaming the "that was super fun!" dream! Be your wonderful self and everything will be fine! Listen to Paul!!!
love and hugs to you both,
karen & jack
p.s. nice of Martha to give your Mom and easy tie in - as if she needed one!
O, I love that analogy but you will be fine, you have done this before and just need to be yourself! remember, she is having you there because what you do is uniquely YOU, the pro, the teacher, the wonder that is only Claudine. Rock on, girl! xoxoC
You've gotten such great advice from so many people, I don't know what to add. I just know that you'll be wonderful, poised, funny, relaxed and genuine...ENJOY every minute !!! You have so many people cheering you on and sending good vibes. HAVE FUN !!
Oh, Congratulations.
Good Luck.
AND have FUN~!!!!! ;-)
hey cutie! i couldn't be MORE proud of you - SO exciting!!!! HUGE congrats and don't forget to BREATHE and enjoy the process first and foremost. i've got the tivo ready to grab the show and then i will watch it after my bday dinner tomorrow night! loves and HUGE hugs, rach

p.s. paul, give c TONS of love/support tonight - i know you will!
Claudine, congrats and you will be great tomorrow.
Good luck! I've been peeking in every once in a while ~ found you through "Artful Blogging." Super inspiring. Can't wait to check out your podcasts. :)
Claudine, can't wait to watch the show. I told some friends on a women's biz board about your MSS break and they will be cheering you on, too.

I think about what we were doing 6 short years ago and how far you've come - so proud of you!

Hugs to you and Paul. Most of all, HAVE FUN. Enjoy the moment :D
You've always looked so cute and comfortable on television in the past. I know you're going to be great! I'm happy for all the new people being introduced to your art for the first time tomorrow.

Can't wait to see the show! Have fun!!!
Claudine - Love reading your blog, and am SO looking forward to seeing you on the Martha show! Relax and try to truly *enjoy* the moment... All the best to you!
hey, good luck! you'd do great!!! :)
All the ground work has been prepared for this very day, all your hard work over the years will pay off and you will *SHINE*! Congrats, I will be cheering for you tomorrow..
Good Luck Claudine I am sure you will be simply fabulous!! Tena
Oh I am soooo excited for you, I hope you were able to get some sleep, I sure wouldn't be able too. And I am sure you will get a chance to tell her the "other Claudine" loves her! :)
have a wonderful day!!!!
I love the pool analogy (which wouldn't actually hold true for me because I can't swim!) Good luck today!! xo, Tonia
Oh, Claudine, I don't even have the words to express how excited and thrilled I am for you. You're an amazing artist!
Have FUN!! Be Positive!!!
And if you get nervous picture everyone having bubble heads or in their underwear:)
I can't wait to see the segment!!
All the critters and I will be watching!!!
We LOve you!!!
You must be over-the-moon with excitement. This is really THE BIG TIME! Nobody deserves this more than you. I just wonder where your career is going to go next?
YeA!! So excited for you!
Just watched,yay, you were wonderful!
YAY Claudine, you did GREAT! You didn't seem a bit nervous & your hands looked great! I held my breath when you walked to the other table & you didn't even come close to falling!
(Betcha just loved all of the animals too.)
Congratulations, now go celebrate!
You were fantastic!
You were wonderful!!!
To those of you who have seen the show, thank you, thank you for telling us how it went. We don't get it in Orlando until 2 p.m. and I've been on tenderhooks all morning, sending her white lights and blessings. You've put me out of my misery.
GO claudine!!! Congrats :-)
Claudine just called. She says she can hardly remember a thing but Paul says the head producer said she did well. More details to come. They are off to get lunch and hope to find a TV where they can watch the show, which airs at 1 p.m. in New York.
Claudine! You did amaaaaazing! U even answered Martha's out of left field ? about the flashing weight and glue quantity with grace. You looked great, sounded sincere and demonstrated with total confidence and of course - u and the project was brimming with personality. We all watched it in our office on this ancient lil B&W we have here - but cannot wait to go home and see it in full color!! xoxo _ brian!
...were brimming that is! (bad grammar in my first post!!) :)
You did a great job! I enjoyed the segment. You should feel very proud. : )
Claudine, you were adorable! Great job. I'm so excited for you.
Hey Claudine! I just saw you on the Martha did an EXCELLENT job, and your project was SO adorable!!! :) I just wanted to look you up and tell you how much I enjoyed it, and how talented I think you are ;) Congratulations!!

Jenn :)
That was great. Downloaded the sitting pretties template off the Martha Stewart website and I'm off to buy my roof flashing now!
Claudine: You were were poised and relaxed and answered all the questions without missing a beat ! Your hands looked great and your choice of top to wear was wonderful...beautiful colors and print which went right along with the great fabrics used for the Poppets!! The transition from one table to the other was flawless...I'll bet you get a lot more TV work from this appearance. Hurray for you !! Enjoy the rest of the time in NYC now that you can take a big breath and relax !! I'm off to download those templates !! :)
You were AWESOME! I talked about you on my podcast today: Episode 10 of Halfway There:

Loved it and well worth a day off :)))))))

And your shirt... was PERFECT :)
You were a natural and I loved the "buttering of the toast comment"... very teacherly and crafty and cool. Just like you.
Hi Claudine! Just want to wish you all the best today!!! You'll do great!! I'll be tuning in from LA and can't wait to see you!!!
Lots of congratulations again!!!
i don't know what happened, but in fort worth..the show cut out and has been playing commercials for the past 15 minutes...i think i'm missing it! ugh!
it's over now...i hope there will be some way to watch it online.
man, martha was a rerun here today!? maybe it will air next wk when the new season starts.
Just got done watching and taping you here in were WONDERFUL!! I can't imagine you doing a better job and everything looked absolutely darling including you! BRAVO!
You just aired in West Michigan. Claudine, you rocked it! And GREAT project.
Great Job! You were all grace and composure. If you were nervous, it didn't show one bit, and you handled Martha's questions so well.

Get ready for lots of new traffic to your sites! Yippee!
I can't wait to see the segment! I will have to watch the taped version tomorrow! I'm sure you were fabulous!! Congrats again and now you can get ready for the "next time" you are invited to another great show!! :)
Susan Chong
You were so charming and just perfect! Great job!! And lucky you got to be on the same show as all those animals!
You looked great too, the shirt was so cute. :)
I missed the show this morning since I wasn't home, but I saw online that it will air tonight on the Fine Living Network at 8pm so I hope to catch it then. I can't wait! I hope you had the time of your life. :)
I was lucky enough to be off work today and just caught the show. You did a great job and I loved the donkeys you made for Martha. She seemed so pleased. Congratulations!
Yay Claudine~!
Your segment just aired on the West Coast. It was great! Can't wait to make some little sitting pretties.
Just watched from Kansas City. You were so cute and communicated very well. I called a co-worker into the t.v. room to watch "one of my favorite artists" on t.v. with me. Enjoy the rest of your day!
You were awsome Claudine! And you were adorable...I believe this will also be aired on the Fine Living Channel, Thursday night at 8pm...
Martha's shows are now reairing on that channel the next night. I have Dishnetwork...
I scheduled my whole day around making sure to watch you! You were so great!!! And yes, it was very clear Martha was sincerely tickled to see her cute donkeys in their little hats and accessories! The projects were so sweet and the directions were easy and simple to understand. Bravo Claudine!!! Job very well done! It was fun!!!
You were excellent on Martha today!!! I loved the project you taught and you definitely "held your own" with Martha!!!
I just watched it - you were fantastic! I had my friend in N.Carolina watching this AM and she called me to rave about you and how stunning you are. I was very impressed that your hands did not shake at all as mine would surely be! My friend in AZ also taped it to watch and support you. I love you! love, Carrie
I think you did a wonderful job. (And you just looked precious too!) I have your book, but the visual on tv made things so clear. Thanks for a fun show. And you got to be there with all Marone's animals. Cool.
You were poised, clever, entertaining...perfect! Congratulations!!
Claudine, we are all so happy for you here at CCP! And WE KNOW you are a natural!!! It couldn't happen to a nicer, more qualified person... not to mention 'camera friendly'. Hugs from everyone here!!!
for those of you who missed it Martha's show plays the next day at 8pm EST so today's show with Claudine will be on tomorrow (Thursday) at 8 pm. I have my DVR set to record. I missed it today because I didn't know about it until I was already at work.
Claudine, you did a great job!!! Loved your "Sitting Pretties" and the donkeys for Martha were ADORABLE!!!!!

Claudine you did great!! I just watched the recorded show from this morning. My whole family sat with me and watched. I was telling my son, that's who mommy took a class with in May, I made one of those poppet puppets!!!!
Claudine - the show was wonderful! You did great, and were your natural self! Martha really did love the donkeys - great touch, and your shirt was very cute.
I loved seeing my custom artwork on the show and was just so happy for you! Congrads, Mim
You were fabulous, Claudine!! Looked so comfortable. :) Loved your projects, too. Can't wait to meet you!

Jennifer Stewart
WOW Claudine! You were amazing. My friend and I watched the show and both of us thought you did better than most of Martha's staff craft people. You didn't even flinch when Mark Marrone's bird squawked near the beginning of your segment. And we also noticed (as other's have mentioned) that you didn't even get flustered when Martha asked about the gauge of the roof flashing...VERY impressive. When did you have time to make the donkey piece for Martha and also the one of the arm-up guy? You are just so clever! Hooray for you!!! Was Paul in the audience or in the green-room?
Claudine!!! You were wonderful!!! So charming, so eloquent, you looked great and you seemed so happy to be there and so at ease - I didn't see your hands shaking at all - which I've seen with some of the chefs Martha has had on :)
Yay for you!!! such a great job!!
And I'm completely inspired to make your poppets. I love them!!!
A BIG APPLAUSE and audience WAVE headed to you Claudine! WOO HOO!! You did awesome! Your look was relaxed and beautiful...a true seasoned pro... (Yes, I'm sure if the bird would have squacked, I would have pee'd myself) hahahahha

I can't wait to see you on TV again real soon. Big Hugs and Congrats! Christy/CC's Whimsies
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