ready or not... here i go!
Well I am ready as I will ever be for the Martha Stewart Show!

All my samples and step-outs are made for the show. I made so many pieces that on Saturday I started getting blisters! oh no! So I quickly moved to
"phase two" of TV hand preparation which means I am now slathering on moisturizer and sleeping with socks on my hands. Seems to be working!

Everything important is packed in my carry on, which means all my clothes are in my check-in case. I think it would be easier to buy new clothes than to make more step-outs! I am not sure exactly what I will end up wearing, tonight I started in a frenzy of trying on different shirts, I just hope one of them will be OK. I was concentrating more on the artwork than what I will wear and of course now last minute I wish I had taken a spare minute to at least look at the mall. Oh well. It will be fine!

Toby has been dropped off at my mom and dad's and our new cat sitter will be coming twice a day, so we are all set. All I have to do is clean the house in morning and I'll be ready to head off on this exciting adventure!

We're bringing the camera and the lap top and will blog from the road. I won't be back until Saturday. After the Martha Show I have a business meeting in NJ. More on that in a few weeks!

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best of everything! we will be watching!!
Good luck. It sounds very exciting.
You go girl!! Helena has been tryig to talk me into getting her early from school to watch!! lolol....have a super time....smiles and crossed fingers for luck...andra
Break a leg! You'll be wonderful.
I just set up my DVR to tape this on Wednesday! Have a great time!
Enjoy yourself, you will love it!
Go Claudine Go!!
Wishing you lots of luck and hope everything goes smoothly. Can't wait to watch the show!!!
Can't wait to see it! Good luck
so exciting! good luck!
Well I'm a fan of your work and need to save my pennies for the day I can commission you to do a piece. I'll bet with the Martha segment you will be busier than ever! Good luck.
how exciting! best to you!
Wow...what an exciting time for you, Claudine! Big congrats and well deserved! xo
Love your artwork and your fun blog! laurie~
safe travels and good luck!! can't wait to see the show!
best of luck to you! my Tivo is set ...
Have an amazing time! I'll be tuning in for sure.

So, so thrilled for you, Claudine! We'll be watching, dvr-ing and applauding you, gorgeous girl with an immense talent, smile and heart to match! xoxoC
You will be so great! Enjoy New York too!
I have Wednesday off, so I'm all set!!! :)))) Thanks for sharing this lovely experience with us :)
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