rainy sunday
It's been raining almost all day here, it's making me really sleepy. I have had a headache all weekend and I am completely wiped out. I feel a big nap with a cold compress on my head in my very near future. I think that all the adrenaline from the last crazy couple of weeks is gone and I have no energy left. The rain and this headache aren't helping either.

Haven't done too much work this weekend, which is a nice change! I got a ton of work done last week so that was good, I can rest somewhat guilt free this weekend.

I did make it to Super Target earlier today -- I got new contacts ordered + groceries. I found these cute jack-o-lantern baby bibs in the dollar spot. So I got one for Toby and one for my neighbor's shih-tzu, Gizmo. I thought they could be simple and cheap Halloween costumes for small doggies when worn backwards. I already tried Toby's on and it looks very cute!

Paul starts his new work schedule this week. He'll now be working from noon-10pm which will be a drastic change. He has worked the past nine years from 5am-3pm so this will be a total shock. We will both be on the same work/sleep schedules for once!


Hope you feel better !!
I just found your website after reading an article about you in "Artful Blogging". How lucky you are to be on MARTHA! I am so happy that I stumbled upon your artwork and your fabulous blog!!!
You are fabulous!
I hope you got some rest... you deserve it! I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do next, Claudine!! Thank you for being such an inspiration for so many...
funny illustration.
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