Martha Stewart show preview!
We just made it in to NYC. All the luggage made it too! yay! So now I don't have to worry. A few of my samples got just a teeny weeny bit smushed despite my careful packing but nothing I can't fix quickly.

There was a car waiting for us to whisk us to the hotel. Such a nice luxury!

I noticed The Martha Stewart Web site has the preview online now! yay! If you click here and then click on the "Wednesday September 12th" tab you can catch a quick peek at the project I will be doing on the show.

Tomorrow we meet at 11am to practice and go over everything. Should be exciting! I'll take photos and let you know how it goes!

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YAY!!! Claudine this is sooooo exciting for you!
So absolutely thrilled for you!! Good Luck tomorrow, I'm sure you won't need it!
Best wishes!
You'll do wonderful Girl!!
I am so excited for you! Good Luck!
Hip, hip hooray !! You'll be great...most importantly, HAVE FUN !!!!!
You're going to be there with Mark Morrone too! How perfect...He's the pet guy..
good luck and have tons of fun
Yay, Claudine! So excited for you - break a leg! How fun you'll be on the same day as Mark Marone - maybe you can swap pet stories!
It's so fun sharing this with you through your blog! I'm so excited and happy for your successes, you being the talent and sweetheart that you are!
claudine & paul -
what a vicarious thrill your experience is - so glad you are both there! also glad it didn't involve flying through DFW - Jack is covering that experience for you! ugh!
have a great week - enjoy the R&R as well as the show!
all the best from so. cal. !
Claudine, I know you will be just fabulous. Martha Stewart is lucky to have you on her show, even if it seems to you to be the other way around. I'm excited for you!
Best of luck Claudine. I know you are going to do great! Too bad the show doesn't air here in Norway...grrrr.
oh I am now excited, we get this program on Wednesday so I will be glued to the show on foxtel at 2pm West Australian time tomorrow.
i am so happy for you! how exciting to have the "martha stamp of approval"! we don't get her show here (richmond, va-we should totally get her show!) but i can't wait to see it on her website!
Loved the preview!!! Congrats again and I look forward to viewing the show...looks like you might even get a chance to meet her puppies!!! Don't forget to have FUN!!!
Hello Claudine,

NY City, loooooooove this city! You go girl! I will watch the show here in Toronto, Canada.

Best luck!

So excited for you! I'll be watching!
Good luck to you on the show tomorrow. I will be glued to my TV.
Soooooooooo thrilled for you!!!!!
From sunny Nebraska I hope that everything goes well for you and Martha. I've learned soooo much from you (your books, articles and tv appearances)so I'm excited that all the Martha followers will get a chance to be inspired too! I never knew that hands needed so much TLC for tv. Have a GREAT time!!!!!
oh my gosh, i'm on pins and needles, how exciting, thank you for posting all the details!!!!! so exciting!!!!
Yippee! I'm so excited for you!!
WOW that's so amazing!! Good luck to you and I can't wait to watch!!!!
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