internet... grrr!
My internet access has been down all day which is making me crazy. I am at my parent's right now checking email. Bright House Cable came out today because our whole neighborood has been down with TV and Internet (if you had a cable phone those were down too)

The guy fixed the TV connections and then left. The internet is not fixed. My neighboor who has the cable phone says that is still not fixed either.

So I called them back to let them know it wasn't fixed. They said this counted as a second call and they said the earliest they could come would be tomorrow afternoon.

Considering the whole neighborhood is without internet (or phone) you'd think they could have come back sooner.

Now I am really glad I never switched over the cable phone, my neighbor says she is without her phone connection more than it works and she wants to switch back to a regular phone line. She also said when the phone does actually work that sometimes when when she picks up the phone the TV sound comes through the telephone! LOL!

The good news is I have been getting lots of other work done while I haven't had emails to suck up my day. Also good news is that the TV is working so I won't miss The War or Heroes tonight.

The bad news is I feel so disconnected and I hate not being able to respond to people right away. So bear with me, I should have email tomorrow, I hope!


Oh my gosh! If I couldn't check my email every 3.5 seconds I'd go crazy!
I agree whole heartedly, switching to cable phones is a MISTAKE. If you don't have super high bandwith and a back up phone - you're SOL!

Hang in there - we're all thinking - I'D DIE.
We had SO MANY problems with brighthouse. We switched back to Comcast and all has been A-OK [knock on virtual wood]. Brighthouse stinks. PU.
P.S. I could have gotten free Digital Phone when I worked there and I passed....every one I encountered said they had constant problems with there phone. I will keep my landline thank you!
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