illustration friday: juggle
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "juggle"

(click image to enlarge)
There's no time to create a new work this week, but here's one I created about 2 years ago, I think it fits the theme! Have a great weekend everyone!


Thanks for visiting!

Great work. I really like the mixed media...

Your work reminds me a little bit like a professor I had in college, Tom Garrett...

Keep up the great work!
I know you've been so busy lately, but I have really missed your IF submissions...they are always so clever...this one included. Thanks for your kind words. You have a great weekend too :)
Hi, and thanks for the comment on my blog. You must be so busy, so it is extra nice to receive your comment. This illo is so sweet. It reminds of me trying to juggle a injured finch the other day.... if you head back to my home page you can see the little critter while he was recovering. That is if you have the time of course.
haha---it's a funny image! lovely collage. and congrats on your martha stewart thing, i just noticed that!
It looks like this guy can do it all! I loved seeing you and your bendables on the Martha Stewart show.
Your work is even more fascinating, now that I have been able to see you actually create a work from start to finish.
Hey this is so fun! You have the best color palette! hmm. . . gets me thinking maybe I should try a lighter color palette? Might be interesting.

I saw a guy just the other day, for real, in person. . .he was on a unicylcle!!! It was so cool. Really high up there. And he was having the best time and so proud. As he road by, I of course told him it was wonderful. . .Got to do that for people.
Can't get enough of your wonderful images! I noticed this guy has only one leg....hence the unicycle?
I love the caressed birdie :)
I love this guy, and his soft yellow background and unicycle. What a balancing act!
Really interesting!Very special and different from your current works.
discovered your site on mim's blog and like the images a lot, gonna visit again soon.
I am seeing your work and name every where - congratulations on getting it out there and creating an authentic voice, expressing it. Always a pleasure to see what you have this week
It's still good and fun. Hey, congrats, Claudine on the Martha Stewart show. That's BIG exposure. Very very nice.
Hi. It's my first visit to your blog. I really like your stuff, and what a wonderful soft illu for IF:)
wonderfully whimsical! i love it!
It looks great Claudine- great balance!
I like very much your work,This one is very tender..
Love the colors!
Claudine! I love your works! I learned a lot of techniques from your books too... thanks for being so generous! xo
*I am gonna list your blog on mine!
this is a wonderful piece!!! great work

one girl show
It does fit Claudine! It's perfect!
Hope you are feeling better.

Love your wheels baby!! :-)

So fun, and great, as always. (also love the little blue houses. One to fit all body types.)
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