how I got on the martha stewart show!
As promised, here is the blog post about how I ended up on The Martha Stewart Show!

The actual story of how I got on the show is quite short, it's not how I thought or planned it would happen. Don't you love how life sometimes works out that way?

There's how I got to be a guest on the Martha Stewart Show:
The wonderful and amazing
Holly Becker at the decor8 blog found my blog and did an interview and write up about my artwork. Let me say here just how much this blog has helped my business! And if it weren't for blogging, Holly wouldn't have found me! Holly was so generous that when the Martha Stewart producers called and asked her for references she gave them my name so they could contact me! Then once they contacted me, I put together a big box of stuff and sent it to them. I waited 2.5 months and then heard back I had 10 days to prepare to be on the show! Super duper thanks to Holly, without her I wouldn't have gotten on the show!

Here's how I thought it would happen but it didn't:
When I went to CHA last Jan. I created a piece of art to give to Martha Stewart. I knew she would be a keynote speaker and my plan was to find her and present her with the art. I did give it to her and it was very exciting! Read about it here. I was hoping at the very least Martha would like my artwork and maybe want more custom pieces for her friends, and at the most want me to be on her show!

My best guess is that the Magazine producers and not the TV Show producers were with her at CHA because when I was contacted by the Martha TV producers no one knew about the artwork , or my crazy shenanigans
to give it to her. Probably just as well or else they might have thought I was a crazy stalker/fan! I never did find out what happened to the artwork. I like to think that it is in Martha's office along with the pet donkeys I made for her!

So that's my story of how I got on the show. I love how sometimes you plan/hope something will happen and you think you know how it might work out. But then life has a different plan in store for you to achieve the same result.

Gotta love that! It's a good reminder for me to focus on the end result of my dreams and not the practical side of HOW they might happen. And that's my last Martha Stewart Show post unless anything else really exciting happens. I promise not to keep writing about this forever! LOL!


THANKS for sharing this!! The "inside scoop" is MUCH appreciated. Love your thoughts on your dreams and goals coming to fruition in different ways than you expect.
Congratulations again to you! Your work is wonderful and you are an inspiration. I am so happy for your continued success!!!
Congrats - big fan of your work :) I watched the clip, you have a real nack for TV. How exciting being on Martha :D

You inspired me to make my own little creation...

Please leave a comment I'd really appreciate it :D
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo...I still want to know...
A) did they do your make-up? Hair looked great by the way!!

B)what was the "green" room like??

C)did a limo take you around?? get you to the show???

D)what did the studio really look like??

Ok...then you can quit writing about it...but I must know...hehehhehehehe
smiles, andra
So cool. Glad you shared that story. It is amazing how life turns out sometimes.
Thanks for the back story. I assumed it did happen in your "how I thought" section, because I know you did get to hand that off. It is funny how things happen, but not the way you think they would.
Hey Cutie,
Great job!! I love watching you do your thing on TV. I could tell by the smile on your face that you were genuinely glad to be hanging out and making art with MARTHA!!! How cool is that?

I finally saw the episode Claudine and loved it. You were so on the ball, and I love that you gave the audience a copy of your book - great PR skills, girl! I hope many great things come from this and I'm happy you got to meet Martha, yay!!
Claudine you are an amazing inspiration to all of us collage artists!! Congrats on the show!
Claudine! Kudos to you for getting on the Martha Stewart show! You were great! I remember being at CHA and you talking about "stalking" Martha and her people....too funny!

I have enjoyed checking out your art and stories in Rice's book "Living the Creative Life!".

Love Violette
super congrats!! :) totally derserved for such a sweet and talented person :)
how wonderful! Congratulations. I'm glad you ended up in the show which you so much wanted to be!
Wow! You're inspiring, Claudine and CONGRATULATIONS!
Congrats - I could not believe that it was shown the next day here down under - always thought we got thing so late here. Stellar performance by the way!
I love this story, Claudine...and you were great!

Inky Hugs,
That is just fantastic! I hadn't seen it so just watched the video link and wow you were wonderful! It seemed to come so naturally to you, and you looked beautiful too! I am all inspired to make the project using my kids pics. Thank you so much!
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