busy weekend
I had a busy weekend getting all my stuff together for Art & Soul. I don't leave to teach until Friday but I discovered that some of the supplies I ordered (weeks ago!) to be delivered never made it there! Yipes! The company that I ordered them from is unresponsive (emails get returned and no phone) but they did manage to charge my credit card, so now I have to go about seeing if I can get the charges reversed! ugh!!

Luckily I discovered the undelivered items NOW instead of when I got to Portland. Whew! So then this weekend I was rushing round to buy the same items again and get them ready to ship out myself. I can't bring them in my checked luggage so I have to ship.

So stressful! That is one of the things that stresses me out so much about teaching workshops, is making sure everything gets there so everyone who attends my classes will have enough supplies. Not having enough supplies is one of my worst teaching nightmares. So far it's never happened to me (knock wood!), but each time I set off to teach a workshop I stress that my packages hadn't made it. At least I found out about this one early enough and I can resend stuff! So that is a good thing!


I hope you are able to track down your supplies. It is such a headache to deal with. When I taught classes, I had so much fun at the actual class but the prep work - not so fun. I do miss teaching now that the store I taught at closed. Have fun in Portland. I hope to make it to Art and Soul someday.
Oh, good luck, I think I would worry about the same exact thing.

Bye the way, I have to get my eye exam on Wed and I recall your entry on your "puff of air" well,,, now I have to do it. UGH!!!
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