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When Paul got home from work today we ventured off to get our annual eye exams over with.

I spent all of this week worrying about that darn glaucoma test that they do. I hate, hate, hate that puff of air machine. It makes me crazy. I break out in a sweat just thinking about it.

Whenever I try to do the test, my eyes start blinking really fast in anticipation. Which then it makes the technician really mad because she has to do the test 3 or 4 times just to get it right. So this year I got smart. I asked for the old fashioned eye drop glaucoma test rather than the puff of air. Those drops sting, but they are much better in my book. I would rather have my eyes feel like they got soap in them any day over that horrible puff of air machine!

Paul and I had fun trying on really nerdy eye glasses while we waited. We found this horrible pair that was $150! Which of course we tried on right away. We laughed so hard we made quite the
spectacle out of ourselves. A good time was had by all at the LensCrafters in Kissimmee!


Oh my gosh I hate that too!!! And they always have to do mine multiple times because as soon as I get my eye close to that contraption, I start blinking like crazy. One year the techinican just gave up after one eye! LOL!

I didn't even realize that there was even another option. I'll have to ask about that. Thanks for the tip! :)
That is so funny! I used to live in Kissimmee many moons ago too. :) I love how you guys do these things together. :)
I totally freak about that one test and have put off getting my eyes checked because of it. I thought I was alone in the fear of the puff. Makes me feel better knowing I am not alone.Thanks for sharing.
Did you know that the company who makes the puffer test has to supply the eye doctors' offices with special chairs because they were getting sued by all the people who FELL BACKWARDS when the air shot out and surprised them? I thought that was funny. Clearly, no one likes the darn test!

They now have a different test for glaucoma- they can use a little machine with no air, just a special UV light. I asked my eye doctor this year where the puff was, and he told me that they are slowly replacing that with the light test.

My husband was VERY disappointed he wasn't going to get to see me jump 10 feet in the air when the test happened. The first time it happened the technician didn't tell me what it was so I was totally surprised when I got puffed in the eye. My husband was VERY entertained!!
I know what you mean. I get freaked out having eye tests, like that thing that comes in really close while you have your head in a vice-like thing. Yuck. My Dr even used to have me put in and take out my own contacts because I did not like her doing it. Even though I wear contacts, I always try on glasses too...especially the ones with rhinestones!!!
I've find my eye test support group! My husband thinks I'm crazy because I start dreading that test for weeks when I know the eye exam is coming up but here you guys other, the other air puff haters! :)
Hi Claudine! Find another eye doctor! My eye dr. (opthamologist) doesn't use that puff tester anymore, he uses an eye scanner. YOu just look into the "video machine" viewer and they scan your eye. No puffing. He told me that the puff machine is old technology and actually has been responsible for the spread of some eye disease. Upgrade your eye dr.!
Ha Ha I have just started reading your blog, and thats just made me laugh, I live in England and we don't have to do that test, just reading the letters thing on the chart, I'm glad we dont have the puffy air thing!!!!
Oh, those glasses! The 80s called and want those glasses back...LOL :D
yup! I have that experience when I've got a LASIK surgery, all the test make you crazy right...? and it's very annoying, but it's worth to know that your eyes is OK!
OMG, those are MY GLASSES!! Oh, I am so humiliated now, I will just have to slink away in shame. Maybe I'll just put a bag over my head...
I'm just kidding. I am wearing men's frames, but they're not THAT dorky (I hope).

My new eye dr. uses a very low-velocity air puff - I was quite surprised to NOT be blown off the chair this time! I used to just freak out in anticipation too.
yup, hate the glaucoma tests, but luckily we don't have that one anymore in london. but i so love this pic of the cutest little doggie, is he/she yours?
good news with chel's comment! I want those glasses that are made of the tinest wire; you can twist them in a knot practically. Of course they cost something like $10,000 - ok not really; but they might as well
That's so funny you wrote about this. I just had my first eye exam since I was like 20-something. I need glasses - eeek! I'm going back next week to pick out frames.
I think what is more shocking than the puff of air test is the fact that LensCrafters actually SELLS those glasses...and for $150!! I hope you took pics of you and Paul in those glasses!
Geez, I've never had a glaucoma test. I don't wear glasses, (or contacts)-- yet -- so I wonder if that's the reason?? Anyway, just wait until your first mammogram!!!
Hi Claudine,

Have you ever heard anyone who has gone to (5th ave eye center)?

They are near by and I was checking them out. I hear most good docs are known nationwide, right?

I'll be back soon!
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