My car is back from the shop! The AC only needed freon so thankfully it was not the compressor.


It is so nice to have my little car back home, I missed it even though I never drive it anywhere. It is my new vow to drive it a little bit more. I got lectured at the dealer that it needs to get out more to keep things running correctly. Usually I sequester myself at home so I can get work done, so I can easily go a full week or more without driving it. And if it weren't for Toby and walking him a few times a day I am sure I could end up spending a full week inside the house!

Speaking of work..... here are two custom Sitting Pretty PoppetĀ® figures that I just finished up tonight of a brother and sister. Aren't these kids cute? Eating popsicles too, yummy. Perfect for summer! (click image to enlarge)

Just got done watching American Splendor thanks to Netflix. Paul didn't want to watch it with me, but I convinced him to and he ended up enjoying it. Good movie!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Claudine - I just ordered some sitting poppets and am so excited! They will be Christmas presents for the parents. I am also sending you a link to my blog where I mentioned you because I made something for my brother - tried to use your printed paper and ruined it so did a bad copy - but they LOVED it. (Hope you don't mind about the copying of the background theme, but I couldn't get more paper in time!) This is what made me think of getting the sitting poppets for the kids.
I have very similar driving and working habits to you.

Thank you for writing Collage Discovery Workshop - Beyond the Unexpected. I had a fear of paint and collage, and your techniques enabled me to create small works of art.

Fellow Switchboarder and Crafter,
Lisa Chouinard
Feto Soap
Hi! I found your blog through switchboards! I'm "Icing on the Cake" over there..... Just wanted to pop over to tell you what a fan I am of your art! I have loved it since the first time I saw it in Mary Englebreight. Anyway, thanks for the welcome on Switchboards! Karin @
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